Jimmy Kimmel Hosts Hilarious ‘Friends’ Reunion

JStone / Shutterstock.com

Nobody is a bigger Friends fan than Jimmy Kimmel. When star of the show Jennifer Aniston appeared on Kimmel’s late night talk show this week, he gave her a big surprise: He spent $80,000 replicating the kitchen set from Friends so that the two of them could act out a scene of “fan fiction” he’d written.

Jennifer was clearly weirded out by the gesture, saying, “Oh my God” and “that’s amazing” in her shock, but agreed to read the lines of the script, in which Jimmy stood in for Ross in an episode about how Ross and Rachel never make love anymore. She drew the line, though, at wearing “the Rachel wig” of her signature hairstyle from the ’90s.

Soon, they were joined by Courteney Cox (Monica) and Lisa Kudrow (Rachel) for an even bigger reunion. What about Chandler, Joey and the real Ross? “They all died,” Jimmy said angrily. Clearly he just wanted Jennifer all to himself.

With hilariously bad dialogue and a preoccupation with “making love,” Jimmy proved that fans sometimes have pretty warped ideas of what an episode of their favorite show could be like.

Check out the video to see the funny skit. Does Jennifer let Jimmy get a kiss from Rachel?


Amanda Young