Jessica Chastain Offers Support To Teen Celebs

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She’s as candid as they come. There’s something about Jessica Chastain: When she talks, you tune it.

Sure, it could be that she is just as charming as she is stunning, but beneath it all, there is wisdom–a refreshing take from a celebrity who didn’t experience her huge success until she was in her 30s.

Jessica recently opened up in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, and had several things to say about the plight of being a teen celebrity.

First things first, she can’t empathize, but she possesses a deep sympathy for what these young celebrities deal with. Jessica admits that if she were nearly 20 years younger, and experiencing the same amount of celebrity she does at present, undoubtedly, she’d do some stupid stuff, say some stupid things and agree to more than she probably should.

Parties? Oh yeah, she’d be all over that. According to Jessica, “I would have been a disaster.”

One thing she remains highly sensitive about is the body shaming and bullying these kids have to put up when living a life in the public eye. Why the media feels it’s a good idea to shame young stars, particularly women, is beyond her, and it should be beyond all of us.

Jessica was bullied as a child. She was frequently told that she was ugly, due to her red hair and freckles, and she loathes the thought of what it would be like to grow up today with the Internet.

Sadly, we know that the web has magnified and concentrated everything. No longer is a tiff a tiff. Everything is blown out of proportion. We can imagine those bullies now, can’t we? Watching her movies, and saying to themselves, “Oh, what a fool am I.”

Next up for Jessica is the release of Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi blockbuster, Interstellar, and likely some awards buzz as 2014 becomes 2015.

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