Jennifer Lawrence Speaks About Amy Adams and Christian Bale in New Film

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There is something undeniably lovable about Jennifer Lawrence. Everyone must have a crush on her.

An Oscar winner before reaching her mid-20s, Jennifer Lawrence carries herself with the poise of a seasoned actress in her 30s. She is well on her way to becoming an icon in the entertainment industry. Still, she is determined to keep her head on her shoulders, and her feet firmly planted on the ground, regardless of the media circus attempting to put her on a pedestal and lift her into the clouds.

One could make the argument that there is something quite special about the water in Kentucky, where Jennifer was raised. Further evidence of this theory points to the likes of George Clooney, Ashley Judd and every bottle of bourbon that has ever come from the state. There must be something magical in that water. A simple example of this smooth, easy to drink magic: Jennifer’s press tour for her upcoming film, American Hustle.

She approaches these junkets with grace, and is happy to talk about the film, as well as her latest collaboration with director David O. Russell, and fellow thespian Bradley Cooper. The fact that she is working with Russell again puts her in a very unique category. Russell loves to recast his favorites, but he is also known to frequently butt heads, and clash with many on Hollywood’s A-List. It sounds like the trio of Lawrence, Cooper and Russell found some magic on the set of Silver Linings Playbook.

In the video below, Jennifer also offers incredible praise for the talent and work ethic of Christian Bale and Amy Adams, as well as Russell. And when she offers her opinion, you know it is just that–an opinion marked with humility and intelligence. She is a breath of fresh air in the industry of make-believe.


James Sheldon