Jared Leto Shows Off Insane Muscles For His Transformation Into The Joker

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Jared Leto is known for taking every role very seriously and being one of the most extreme method actors out there, and his newest role as the Joker for 2016’s Suicide Squad is no exception.

As the cast prepares and begins filming for the much anticipated super-villain film, fans are given more and more sneak peeks at Leto’s take on the famous villain including one image released by director David Ayer on his Twitter on April 24 of Leto complete with green hair, tattoos, black teeth and a maniac look in his eyes.

On Tuesday April 28, Leto himself showed off more of his transformation and it had nothing to do with teeth caps, hair dye or tattoos, in the picture it seems the Joker has been hitting the gym and is even more menacing with crazy muscles.

The image doesn’t show Leto’s face but no one seems to mind, he of course also sticks to character wearing a tank top in support of Superman.

Back in February Leto spoke to Billboard about trying to bulk up and having to change his body yet again for a role (something Leto seems to be used to) after reportedly starving himself to play a junkie in Requiem for a Dream in 2000, putting on 60 lbs for his role in Chapter 27 in 2007 and then losing 30 lbs for his Oscar-winning role in Dallas Buyer’s Club in 2013.

“I’m trying to gain weight. It means I have to eat every couple of hours – and I’m terrible at eating a lot. It can be an incredibly rewarding, but also destructive thing to do. Your body changes forever,” he said of his drastic changes.

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