J.Lo Reacts To Diddy’s Booty Comments


What’s all this chatter about Jennifer Lopez having a booty? Oh. Right. And it’s real. (Hear that, Nikki Minaj? Like, really real.) Puff Daddy, er, Sean Combs, er… (is it Diddy, now?) DIDDY, has offered high praise of his former love’s physical assets.

When speaking about Jennifer, and commenting on her new video for the latest excuse of a release to be pawned off on the masses as good music, “Booty,” Diddy suggested that Jennifer Lopez has more than a nice booty. Rather, her hindquarters will go down in history as a “work of art.”

And, history says? (100 years from now…) “Who is Jennifer Lopez?”

So much for Diddy being an ambassador of foresight. Somewhat disappointing, but not at all surprising.

Jennifer was asked about Sean’s comments, and she responded as she so frequently does. She skimmed the surface, and tried to be polite. She maintained gratitude for Sean’s support in her life, and expressed a wonderful personal respect for his success as well. In short, she looked a little awkward when speaking about him. Almost as if she was the reason he stayed out of prison once upon a time for illegal weapons charges in the state of New York.

It’s funny, this movement in pop and hip-hop, or “s***-hop,” if you will… Jennifer Lopez and “Booty,” Nikki Minaj and “Anaconda.” …these are disturbing trends. These are songs that are wholly vapid in terms of content, and they’re recorded for one singular reason: to push glorified porn as a music video. Before you start waving your fist, it might help to know that feeding people this kind of stuff doesn’t merely mess with their psychology, it messes with their biology. It literally messes up your brain. It constructs new paradigms and patterns of thinking, and not in good ways.

So, while Jennifer’s booty might be a “work of art,” to someone who used to schtoop her on the regular, to everyone else, it could be a weapon of mass destruction. For all real women hoping for respect from a man, this “work of art,” may be more disturbingly viral than Ebola.

To see Jennifer’s reaction to Diddy’s high praise, check out the video below.


James Sheldon