Hayden Panettiere Falls Down The Stairs At The Met Gala!

Joe Seer /

How do celebrities walk up and down stairs while wearing dramatic ball gowns and sky-high heels?

Sometimes, they don’t.

Hayden Panettiere took a bit of a tumble on the red-carpeted stairs at the Met Gala earlier this week. She looked stunning in her Dennis Basso pastel strapless ballgown, but it was a lot of dress for someone as petite as Hayden.

As she walked down stairs, the 24 year-old Nashville star lost her balance and started to fall — but luckily was able to find her footing and make it down the rest of the steps. She laughed off the embarassing moment with a big smile on her face. Hey, it happened to Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars and everyone still loves her!

In the background, a very famous pop star couldn’t help but laugh as she watched Hayden’s balance malfunction. Check out the video to see who enjoyed a chuckle at Hayden’s expense.

Hayden recently told Southern Living magazine, “In my day-to-day [life], I’m more of a tomboy,” so maybe those crazy heels aren’t really her thing. We hope Hayden has better luck in heels when she walks down the aisle to wed her fiance, 37 year-old Ukranian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. He’s a towering 6’6”, while Hayden is just 5’0”.

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