Emmys: ‘Breaking Bad’ Sews Up Series With Big Award Wins

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The Emmys were enjoyable this year. Adding some Weird Al Yankovic to the mix certainly made for an enjoyable sweet and salty mix. And the stars? Well, they all seemed in good spirits.

Billy Crystal offered a moving tribute to Robin Williams, and in vein of Robin Williamsesque comedy, Bryan Cranston offered one stellar improvised kissing scene with Julia Louis-Dreyfess. Julia had joked earlier in the show that Cranston looked a lot like the actor who played the dentist she dated on Seinfeld. (He was the actor.)

All in all, it was an enjoyable show. Seth Meyers didn’t try too hard as the host, and the award winners were gracious, comedic and even offered some nice sentiments during their acceptance speeches.

Big winners of the night? Breaking Bad and Modern Family, winning for television drama and comedy, respectively. Breaking Bad garnered awards for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama (Bryan Cranston), Best Supporting Actor (Aaron Paul) and Best Supporting Actress (Anna Gunn). The show also scored an Emmy for writing in a drama series. Count ’em. That’s five.

Vince Gilligan thanked everyone, remarking on the kindness offered to their show from the get-go. There’s just something undeniably charming about Gilligan, and his Old South, Virginia accent.

Of course, Bryan Cranston taking Best Actor in the drama category, meant that Matthew McConaughey got the “sorry, not this time” snub. Timing is key. Had True Detective run its first season after the final season of Breaking Bad, it would be an even bigger hit than it is, and McConaughey would be L-I-V-I-N large, racking up an Oscar and Emmy in the same year. Alas, timing…that’s the way it works. And Cranston in the final season of Breaking Bad? Incomparable.


James Sheldon