Emma Watson Dishes on Her Favorite Beauty Products

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Emma Watson always looks flawless – but it doesn’t happen automatically!

The stunning 23 year-old Noah star shared a photo of some of her favorite beauty products on Twitter through MTV’s account, and we’re definitely going to steal all of her beauty secrets.

Emma dishes that she “couldn’t have survived today without” them.

Some of the products are more high-end, from brands like Nars or Bobbi Brown, while others — like a Tide pen for removing stains on the go — can be found at your local drug store or grocery store.

You might also be curious about that “Commando” product, which claims to be “better than nothing”. It refers to a brand of panties that boast, “these under wonders feature our signature invisible edges and luxe fabrications, in silhouettes guaranteed to deliver a dig-free fit, line-free look and a beauteous gluteus.” If you are wearing something slinky or tight and don’t want panty lines, they’ll only set you back $20-30.

We were surprised to see Top Stick “men’s grooming tape” on Emma’s list — but it’s for keeping a hair piece in place, and we’re guessing sometimes Emma needs them for a wig or a special ‘do.

Check out the video to see the rest of Emma’s favorite beauty products!


Amanda Young