Demi Lovato Dedicates Song To Bruce Jenner

Photo by MediaPunch/REX

Photo by MediaPunch/REX

Demi Lovato thinks Bruce Jenner is a warrior.

At a concert in New Zealand over the weekend, the 22 year-old singer dedicated her song “Warrior” to the Olympian-turned-reality star after he came out as transgender in a momentous interview with Diane Sawyer.

“I just want to dedicate this song… It’s so cheesy that I’m even doing this, but whatever,” she told the crowd. “I want to dedicate it to someone who became an even bigger hero last night—Bruce Jenner!” Check out the video to see more!

“Never ever thought I’d dedicate a song to him but he was honest and he was open with his story,” she added when she later uploaded a video of the special dedication. “No matter if you agree with it or not, he probably saved so many lives and educated so many people [about] transitioning into being a woman and being transgender and what that’s all about. So, yeah, I just want to dedicate it to Bruce Jenner.”

Other pop stars were also quick to support Bruce on social media, too. Miley Cyrus emphatically tweeted that she loved Bruce, adding, “The part of Bruce special educating people on trans terms. This is a new world so we all have new things to learn. Never be embarrassed!”

“Bruce Jenner is beautiful,” wrote Ariana Grande. “We all need to commit to making this world a more loving, supportive, SAFE /non judgemental place to be ourselves.”

Check out the video for Demi’s song “Warrior” below:


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