Chris Pine Serenades A Fan On Ellen

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Actor Chris Pine, 34, is one smooth operator. The gorgeous actor can play a smooth-talking bad boy or an action-adventure ladies man and he can be every girl’s fantasy as Prince Charming for the new Disney live action film, Into the Woods.

The best part about all of it though is that he is single – as he revealed to Ellen in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday November 26.

After listing off his impressive qualities, which included singing and being handsome, she put up a shirtless photo of Pine and stated, “So, you work out a lot too?”

The embarrassed and humble Pine responded with, “Ellen, that’s a lot of fake tanning […] For the movies you gotta look healthy.”

Ellen also focused on his singing ability as it is a major component for the Disney film, starting off with the fact he sings in the shower.

“It’s the acoustics, right? You just sound better in the shower,” he joked.

He also discussed having to audition for the Into the Woods’ director, Rob Marshall, saying the acoustics in the shower threw him off thinking he was better than he is.

“I think I can carry a tune. Obviously in the shower, the acoustics are maybe better than you are. I auditioned for Rob Marshall in his living room, and he was very kind, noticed that I was very nervous. He and his partner, John, joined me in singing the song, and that made me feel more uncomfortable.”

Then one lucky fan, who are cleverly called “Pine Nuts”, was called from the audience and told Ellen her favorite things about Chris are that “he’s tall and he’s beautiful.”

She also got a personal serenade from the actor as he sang Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind.” That is one lucky Pine Nut!

Check out the Chris Pine serenade a fan below!

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