Chris Harrison Addresses ‘Unfortunate Situation’ Between Cassie Randolph And Colton Underwood

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Chris Harrison has addressed the estranged relationship between former Bachelorette couple Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood.

Harrison spoke out about the controversy surrounding Underwood and Randolph who filed for a restraining order against the former Bachelor due to alleged harassment and stalking.

“I’ve reached out, just as far as support,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. “I have not talked to them and I am very glad to see that they … [are] taking this off-line. They’re not settling this in the press. They’re hopefully taking care of themselves and each other and being smart about this.”

“I just wish them both well; I wish Colton and Cassie well,” Harrison added. “It’s a very unfortunate situation, for sure, and I think a surprising one. Honestly, it was a pretty shocking headline.”

Last month it was released that Cassie Randolph had filed for a restraining order from her former boyfriend making claims that he had planted a tracking device in her car and sent her concerning text messages.

“After the breakup, Cassie wanted to be friends, and she thought they were on good terms,” an inside source said at the time. “Then the text messages and the frightening behavior started. Cassie was just terrified about how he was acting.”

Randolph addressed her fears in her official request for a restraining order, saying Underwood “has admitted to a few mutual friends and coworkers that he placed the tracker on [her] car and used the alias phone numbers to send the anonymous text messages to [Randolph], himself, and others.”

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