Cheryl Burke Reveals She Thought Matthew Lawrence’s Proposal Could Be A Breakup


When Matthew Lawrence proposed to Cheryl Burke, it was the happiest day of her life, but now the Dancing With the Stars pro is opening about the proposal and admitted at one point she wondered if Lawrence was actually breaking up with her.

In an interview with PeopleTV’s Chatter on Wednesday, May 23, Burke said that the Boy Meets World alum waited so long to propose on her birthday, she began to question what was actually happening. He officially popped the question late into the day on her May 3rd birthday, but had arranged for her family and friends to visit and celebrate the day before.

“I kind of had a feeling that if he was going to do it, he was going to do it right now,” Burke said, referring to May 2nd when all of their friends and family were there. “Nothing happened. Then it was midnight and I thought, it’s my birthday, technically, and I was like, ‘For sure it’s gonna happen now!’ Nothing happened,” she said. “We went to the Montage in Laguna [Beach] just for the weekend… and every two seconds there were being flowers delivered.”

She continued, “And I thought, ‘For sure [it’s] Matt, this is Matt, nope, this is Matt.’ It wasn’t. I was like, ‘This guy didn’t even get me a card.’ He didn’t even say, ‘Love, Matt. Happy birthday!” Burke went on to explain that things got worse when her boyfriend began rushing her out of the shower which was a red flag for her because “he has no idea or sense of time.” “The fact that he was like, ‘Hurry up’ [was out of character],” Burke said. “[He said], ‘You need to come out right now.’ I come out and this beautiful song plays — a song which I’ll walk down the aisle to — and there was just a letter there.”

With a letter instead of a card, or anything else, Burke then wondered if Lawrence was ending their relationship. “I thought, ‘Oh no, is this like a breakup letter? Or, like, what is happening?’ He goes, ‘Just read it,’” she said. “And I open it, [it’s] fine print — my eyes are pretty bad — he’s like, ‘Just read it.’ So I bring it up to my nose, and it says, ‘Love you always and forever.’ And I turned around, he was on one knee and we were just very emotional.”

Burke and Lawrence originally dated back in 2007 before calling it quits in 2008 and were reunited in 2017 and instantly resumed their relationship like no time had passed. “He’s the first man I can say that I feel safe with and that I know will always have my back no matter what,” she added. “He’s normal, he’s grounded, he’s got a huge heart. It’s hard to find,” she said of her fiance.

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