Celebs React to Juan Pablo’s ‘Bachelor’ Finale Behavior!

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

This season of The Bachelor has been the most talked-about one yet — and even celebs weighed in on how much they disliked Juan Pablo and this week’s awkward, interminable finale.

Juan Pablo ultimately chose Nikki, but did not propose or even say “I love you,” instead offering a lame “I like you a lot.” He also massively offended Clare, who gave him a piece of her mind before storming off the set (you go, girl).

Fans of the show — including many celebrities — did not see this finale as any kind of happily ever after. One Modern Family star even tweeted that she straight-up hates Juan Pablo! Check out the video to see who it was. Are ABC stars allowed to bash other ABC shows? At least she’s watching, right?

Kirstie Alley, who appeared on another ABC show (Dancing With the Stars) shared similar feelings of hate, calling Juan Pablo “narcisstic,” “a liar,” a “broken record,” and an “asshat,” among other things.  The video reveals that she even said she wanted to physically hurt him!

Even former Bachelors disapproved of Juan Pablo’s behavior, with one saying he understood why women get cats and give up on dating.

Yes, Juan Pablo is terrible — but why do so many people watch The Bachelor if they hate it so much?


Amanda Young