Candice Swanepoel On Topping Maxim List: ‘Is This A Practical Joke?’

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There’s nothing better to start a Friday than some false modesty. Still, it’s quite endearing when people like Candice Swanepoel feign ignorance toward their hotness. “Really? Me?” Yes, Candice… you. Candice Swanepoel is queen of the Maxim Hot 100. And her reaction to the honor is respectable.

We’re not sure which publication holds more weight when it comes to the Top 100 most attractive women in the world, FHM or MAXIM. As stated when Jennifer Lawrence was crowned the FHM queen, it’s not as if these publications are searching the nooks and crannies of planet earth for what could be the “most beautiful,” or “sexiest” or “hottest” women. It’s all a bit misogynistic, but hey… it sells magazines.

Much like Jennifer Lawrence, Candice Swanepoel seemed shocked to hear that she had been awarded the honor. She thought Scarlett Johansson would have gotten the nod, or perhaps Rihanna. Scarlett ranked #2, and Rihanna just missed the Top 10 at #11. Ultimately, Candice didn’t realize she had the fanbase to push her into the top spot. Whether or not she did, nobody really cares–certainly not the fine folks at Maxim. And nobody was arguing with the choice when Candice showed up to the Hot 100 party wearing black leather.

Now, we have to consider this list in its entirety. And no, that doesn’t mean everyone who is on it this year, rather who was #1 last year. Do you remember? Yep. Miley Cyrus. And in 2012, it was Bar Refaeli. Bar didn’t even make the list in 2014. It’s a fickel thing… being hot. Too much hotness, and apparently you burn out fast.

Honorable mention goes to Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is still getting the love. She’s hovering between 20-40 every year on the list. That’s… something.

To see the beautiful Candice Swanepoel interviewed at the Maxim Hot 100 party, check out the video below!

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