Ben Higgins Leaves ‘Bachelor Winter Games’ Admits He Isn’t Ready To Date



Although Bachelor Winter Games seemed like a good idea in theory to former Bachelor star Ben Higgins, it turns out he just isn’t ready for romance.

On the most recent episode of Bachelor Winter Games, Higgins decided to leave the show and revealed he still couldn’t move on after his heartbreaking split from fiancee Lauren Bushnell. “The idea of going on a date sounds like a chore to me,” he told Ashley Iaconetti. “It doesn’t sound fun.”

“It’s like, when you get engaged, I truly was so excited about the idea that like, I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with this person,” he said. “But I think I don’t want to be hurt again. Like, I desire a relationship and I dream of kids and I dream of family and I dream of being a good dad and a good husband, but I also have to get to a place where I’m excited about dating, and I’m not.”

He added to the cameras, “To be honest, I’m still emotionally dealing with the loss of that relationship. At some point, I have to ask the question what exactly am I doing here? So I’m confused.”

Higgins later explained to Chris Harrison that being on a love-themed reality show “brings up a lot of weird memories,” and since his last reality stint ended with one of the best moments of his life and then utter heartbreak, it was hard to do it again. Higgins also added that comments from viewers online had also gotten to him as they questioned if his love for Bushnell was real since he was so quick to join Bachelor Winter Games. “Did you really love her? Did you really care?” were some of the comments that had impacted him he said through tears.

He continued, “But when something so real to you then seems so small to everybody else—and not just friends and family, millions of people—it breaks you every day, and that’s what sucks, because as much as I’ve moved on—and I have—it still hurts, even though we’re months past it.”

Higgins then decided to gather up the rest of the house and tell them about his decision to leave, adding, “Just know that I’m walking out of here really happy I met you all and really happy I did this.”

Bachelor Winter Games concludes this Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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