B&B’s Sean Kanan Sheds Light On Deacon’s Future, Y&R Crossover

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Actor Sean Kanan is in the spotlight of a crossover storyline merging The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) and The Young and the Restless (Y&R), alongside his partially reformed bad-boy character, Deacon Sharpe.

When the actor sat down with People to discuss the crossover event, it became clear that Kanan is really rooting for Deacon’s future on B&B.

“Good people do bad things and bad people do good things,” Kanan told People. “I like watching this guy struggle against all odds to try to be a better man.”

“Having been incarcerated, almost nobody is willing to give this guy a chance,” he continued. “So he might want to behave in an above-the-board way, but so many doors are slammed in his face.”

The formerly deplorable Mr. Sharpe has seemingly turned a corner, yet there’s no denying the character still has some terrible impulses – like harboring Sheila Carter from the authorities!

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“Deacon did not want her to show up and does not want her to stay in his place because he’s genuinely trying to stay out of trouble and be honest with his daughter,” Kanan explained.

“And, you know, you can’t really shack up with somebody in close space for so long before you don’t kill them – or you start to fall for them, [Laughs]” Kanan went on, adding, “I adore Kimberlin [Brown; Sheila].

If Deacon can survive his new roommate, Kanan is hoping his character will work with a few other B&B stars. 

“Here’s the thing, Deacon desperately needs a friend,” the actor stated. “I mean, he has no guy friends, and I think it’d be interesting if he formed a friendship with somebody like Lawrence Saint-Victor’s character [Carter]. That would be cool.”

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“I also think it’d be interesting if Deacon started to have some kind of relationship with Katie [Heather Tom] because Katie just seems like she’s so buttoned up, so prim and proper. I think she could use a little Deacon in her life.”

Finally, how will Deacon’s fortunes change once he crosses over into a storyline with his Y&R ex, Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott]?

“It’s always flattering and fun when you get to go work with another group of actors,” Kanan enthused. “In this case especially, actors who I’ve worked with before. It was a lot of fun.”

“And I got a great little ad lib which at the end of this scene, I just looked at her [Nikki] and went, ‘Oh, Nick. One more thing: You look good.’”

As for the question on all viewers minds, will everyone in Genoa City eventually learn that Sheila Carter is alive? “Honestly, I don’t know,” Kanan answered with a laugh. “My stuff was very sort of in a vacuum. I wish I could give you more interesting information.”

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