Bachelor Contestant Posts Spoilers, Calls Colton “Weird” Ahead Of New Season

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ABC has gotten quite the head start on Colton Underwood’s upcoming season of The Bachelor, but one contestant has seemingly already broken the contract and spoilers have already leaked and there is still months to go before the premiere!

After Underwood was named the lead of season 23, he began filming in late September and just before it began he even met three of his contestants on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, including Annie Reardon.

According to Reality Steve, Reardon was recently eliminated while filming and clearly did not leave on the best of terms as she posted on her Snapchat after she left the show with some harsh remarks, and although the post was quickly deleted, it was up long enough for Reality Steve to get a hold of it.

“She’s been home a week now & even had these choice words about Colton & the women. Oh social media can really come back to bite you,” Steve captioned the post.

Although she didn’t post too much, in the Snapchat photo, she bashed Underwood and the other women, writing, “When you dumped the bachelor because he’s weird as sh*t and are headed back to normal happy life without psycho people >>>.”

While it is clear that Annie does not win Colton’s season, many are already surprised as the pair seemed to bond quickly after they met on Ellen. Reality Steve added to the spoilers however by suggesting that after being thrown in with the rest of the contestants, Annie became a “villain,” in the house.

“Sounds like Annie is going to be an early season villain which, if I’m being honest, was stuff I was hearing about her heading into the show,” he wrote. “So I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise.”

The Bachelor season 23 premieres in January on ABC.

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