Anne Hathaway Does Her Best Miley Cyrus In Lip Sync Battle

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Spike is taking karaoke to a whole new level with its new show Lip Sync Battle that sees some of the biggest stars battling it out by performing music’s major hits.

The teaser trailer for the show which aired on April 2 went viral, showing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson rocking out to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” but in a sneak peek for Thursday April 9, Anne Hathaway is going all out to beat her challenger, Emily Blunt.

Not only does Hathaway lip sync Miley Cyrus’ huge hit “Wrecking Ball” she recreates the shocking music video that accompanied the song.

With her hair slicked back in Miley Cyrus fashion, Hathaway begins in track pants and a white tank top but it doesn’t take long before she strips right down to her underwear and does a running jump on to a wrecking ball. Knowing that there is no way her Devil Wears Prada co-star could beat her, a confident Hathaway even flips the bird to Blunt and host LL Cool J who are looking on in amazement.

With an epic first episode that saw The Rock face off with Jimmy Fallon and drew a record-breaking amount of viewers to Spike, it seems this episode is going to top that, setting the bar very high for the rest of the season.

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Watch the sneak peek below!

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