Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt’s 2016 Airplane Fight Detailed In FBI Documents

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FBI documents have revealed more details into the 2016 conflict between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on a private plane.

Under the name “Jane Doe,” Jolie requested FBI documents about the incident to be released to her amid an ongoing custody battle with Pitt. The documents reveal new insight into the September 14, 2016 incident, which came days before Jolie filed for divorce.

The Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services and FBI investigated Pitt after a tip was sent in about an argument he got into with Jolie while their family travelled on a private jet from France to their Los Angeles home. The anonymous tip alleged that Pitt got “verbally abusive” and “physical” with one of their children on the plane.

Pitt denied the abuse, and the FBI closed its investigation by November with no charges of abuse.

The FBI report reveals that Jolie noted there was “tension” between her and Pitt and that his actions made her feel “like a hostage” on the place. The report outlines that he grabbed and shook her, pushed her into a wall and punched the plane’s ceiling. Jolie also admitted to wrapping her arms around Pitt’s neck when it appeared “like he was going to attack” after one of their children called him a “prick.”

The documents add that Pitt was “becoming a monster” as he “ranted” on the plane and “mimicked the behavior of a monster and screamed at them.” She and the kids were “shell-shocked” and Jolie added that she was “frozen, scared and didn’t know what to do” in the moment.

Jolie alleged that there was approximately $25,000 in damages to the plane caused by red wine stains, and also claimed that Pitt “poured beer on” her at one point during the argument. The report said Jolie endured injuries to her back, elbow, and “rug-burn type wound” on her hand, while Pitt sustained a “scratch,” which she noted “could have been from her.”

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