The Hills: Incredible Style Moments We’ll Never Forget

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The popular MTV reality show, The Hills, just announced its official reboot, so naturally, we decided to take a trip down memory lane. The fashion from The Hills may not be as on-trend in 2018 as it was back in 2006-2010 when it aired, but it’s still nostalgic and fun to take a look back at what used to be the popular trends. In honor of The Hills reboot, follow along for all of the best style moments from The Hills — whether good or bad  that we’ll never forget.

12. Velour Tracksuits

The 2000s were infamous for velour tracksuits, especially ones that were bedazzled and from Juicy Couture! Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie made this casualwear style a staple and the girls of The Hills seemed to follow suit during the early seasons. Here, Lauren is wearing a cropped burgundy velour zip-up hoodie.

11. Pearls

The girls from The Hills were young professionals by day and party girls by night, with a wardrobe that reflected that. One of the key style rules they used to transition pieces between the two lifestyles is a string of pearls. Everyone from LC to Heidi and Whitney can be spotted wearing the elegant jewelry piece on an occasion or two throughout the seasons. Ladylike, classy and professional, pearls were their daytime jewelry of choice!

10. Baby Tanks

Before super high cropped tops were all the rage, the early 2000s boasted a “baby tanks” trend which consisted of a tight, tiny top that sits right on top of the waist of hip-hugging pants. This look was the go-to for the girls of The Hills for every casual occasion — weekend errands, dinner on a patio or even a night out in Los Angeles.

9. Uggs & Shorts

One of the most memorable trends of the 2000s was when girls would style short cut-offs with Ugg boots. Obviously, the stars of The Hills also rocked this unconventional trend throughout the early seasons. Here, Stephanie Pratt can be seen with knee-high boots paired with tiny shorts which nailed the look at the time.

8. Oversized Sunglasses

In 2018, it-girls and street style stars like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are often spotted wearing small-frame sunglasses which has become the dominant trend. During The Hills’ reign, however, oversized glamour sunglasses were all the rage. Here, LC and Audrina can be spotted wearing oversized sunglasses while walking the streets of Los Angeles.

7. Side Braids

In terms of beauty, the biggest trend that was started on The Hills was Lauren Conrad’s signature side braid hairstyle. She used this style throughout many seasons of the show and proved that it’s a look that’s versatile enough to be worn with an updo for an occasion or casually while walking along the beach in Los Angeles.

6. Fashion Week Attire

One of the most unforgettable fashion moments of The Hills entire run was when Whitney Port was asked to model at fashion week wearing the same low back dress that Hilary Swank wore at the Oscar’s. At the exclusive event, Whitney tripped over the dress and tumbled while walking down the stairs during her model debut. Needless to say, the navy Guy Laroche dress went down in Hills’ history!

5. Fur Vests

No one does a glam fur vest better than Kristin Cavallari, especially with a cocktail in hand! Cavallari was spotted on The Hills in this shot rocking a chic fur vest with a sleeveless top underneath. The fur vest trend has definitely gone in and out of style over the years, but during The Hills‘ era, it clearly reigned strong.

4. T-Shirt Dresses

T-shirt dresses are a common staple piece in many girls’ wardrobes in 2018, but it seems that Audrina Patridge wore this trend before any of us did! The star was known for her edgy style on the show, and this look where she wore an oversized band tee as a dress with a leather jacket slung on top is a prime example of that.

3. Abercrombie Hoodies

It wouldn’t be The Hills without mentioning Abercrombie & Fitch attire! During the early seasons of the reality series, the girls were the poster girls for the brand and often rocked their denim miniskirts, logo t-shirts, and hoodies. Here, Heidi Montag is seen wearing a classic green logo hoodie that is likely from the brand.

2. Distressed Denim

One of the most iconic The Hills style moments is actually from the opening credits to “Unwritten” in which Lauren Conrad rocks a pair of distressed denim capris, a plain white tank top, and oversized sunglasses. This look was the epitome of the effortless California Girl uniform throughout the series and a style many of the stars reverted to while filming casual scenes.

1. Little Black Dress

Although the girls from The Hills may have had a few fashion moments that we look back on questionably now, the one thing they still would nail is their take on the little black dress trend. This is a look that will never go out of style, and years later, this cast photo is still as relevant and fashionable as ever!

Everett Collection

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