Golden Globes: 12 Most Disappointing Dresses Of All Time


The Golden Globes Awards has undeniably created quite a few memorable fashion moments! Some stuck in our memory for their unique characteristics such as color or a dramatic detail, but others are unforgettable because they were simply disappointing. From Cate Blanchett’s awkwardly embroidered pantsuit to Nicole Kidman’s glittering feathered frock, follow along for 12 of the most disappointing Golden Globes dresses of all time:

12. Beyonce — 2003

Beyonce is a typical red carpet show stopper, but back in 2003 fans were completely underwhelmed with her choice of attire at the Golden Globes. This look was definitely from Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child era which was seemingly a period of her life where she struggled with her style. This look was slightly too feminine and foofy for the edgy, bold fashionista we know Beyonce as today. The Cinderella cut just doesn’t align with her signature style and the overall quite safe look definitely left fans feeling disappointed.

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11. Cate Blanchett — 2002

Cate Blanchett stepped out at the 2002 Golden Globes wearing a completely unexpected outfit! Instead of opting for a dress, Blanchett chose a pinstripe pantsuit with strange embellishment throughout and a billowing balloon sleeve. We definitely love a smartly tailored pantsuit, but this particular look seemed sloppy and definitely aged her. We’d have much preferred a pantsuit that showed a little more skin or a flowing dress with a touch of minimal embroidery!

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10. Regina King — 2016

Regina King’s Golden Globes dress from 2016 definitely turned heads, but we’re not entirely sure it was for the right reasons! The gold, sequined Krikor Jabotian gown was undeniably bold, which is typically a fashion move we would respect, but the white cape just seemed a little over the top! The dress itself was already quite chaotic which made the cape seem out of place, as well as mismatched and awkward.

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9. Kate Hudson — 2003

Kate Hudson’s bohemian-inspired Valentino gown from 2003 was undeniably memorable, but looking back we can admit it seems a little too casual. Bohemian looks tend to be quite laid back which makes us question whether they have a place on the formal awards show red carpet. A bohemian inspired accessory or hairstyle is one thing, but an entire dress just seems too much. Aside from this casual factor, the variety of prints seemed to clash and look overly loud.

8. Helena Bonham Carter — 2011

Helena Bonham Carter most definitely made an entrance when she appeared on the 2011 Golden Globe red carpet! This look was extreme and quite chaotic from the varying prints and mismatched textures. The top of her dress featured an asymmetrical bodice designed of a colorful abstract print, which then flourished into a black tulle overlayer which covered a completely different grey and black print. The entire look was confusing, but even more so with the mismatched red and green pumps that she wore!

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7. Lara Flynn Boyle — 2003

Lara Flynn Boyle definitely surprised Golden Globe viewers when she stepped out wearing this ballerina-inspired look on the 2003 red carpet! The dress quickly became infamous and people are still talking about it over a decade later! At the time, fashion critics pegged the dress to be just as awful as Bjork’s well-known swan dress. The designer, however, disagreed and argued, “That was a little more Sesame Street,” while explaining the couture fashion expertise that was put into the design of the tulle ballerina look.

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6. Sarah Jessica Parker — 2003

After playing the ever fabulous Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, fans most definitely have high expectations for Sarah Jessica Parker when she steps out on the red carpet! This Golden Globes look from 2003, however, undeniably fell short of expectations! Her all-black look consisted of a tight corset top, black silk trousers and strange tulle layering draped over one arm. The look was definitely not comparable in the slightest to some of Parker’s previous couture gowns and extravagant garments, which left this fashion moment as highly disappointing.

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5. Courtney Love — 2000

Courtney Love’s outfit from the 2000 Golden Globes might be one of the all-time riskiest red carpet looks. The Galliano slinky number featured an entirely shredded bodice that seemed like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Despite the shredded skirt showing a pretty layer of sequins underneath, the entire look just seemed messy and not near formal enough for a classy awards show.

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4. Sarah Michelle Gellar — 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar most definitely made a bold choice when she stepped out wearing an abstract Monique Lhuillier gown at the 2012 Golden Globes! The tie-dye print is one that very rarely makes an appearance on the red carpet, and after seeing this fashion moment, we feel it is for good reason! The print is just a little too casual for the red carpet and makes the look appear overly juvenile.

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3. Nicole Kidman — 2017

The frothy Alexander McQueen number that Nicole Kidman wore to the 2017 Golden Globes most definitely caused some buzz following the event! The sparkling frock consisted of sheer paneling, swirling sparkles, feathers and a dramatic poofed out armband. There were aspects of this look that was definitely redeemable, but the entire outfit sadly did not come together well and simply had too much going on. Kidman defended her look and explained the rationale behind her outfit choice. “I was trying all the frocks on and when Zi put this on [my girls] both jumped up and said, ‘Mummy, you look like a beautiful fairy on that dress’, so that was it,” she explained. “I stopped trying on any of the others and said to them that I’m wearing the fairy dress to the Globes. It’s not really what I would normally wear, but it made the girls happy.”

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2. Cher — 2010

Cher is definitely a Hollywood star that doesn’t shy away from a risk or two on the red carpet! Although we love edginess this about her, we can’t say we’re fans of the 2010 Golden Globe red carpet look she wore. The sleek black gown featured an open bodice that laced up to reveal a lace underlay. The look simply seemed too risky of a wardrobe malfunction and didn’t seem tasteful or classy for a formal awards show.

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1. Diane Kruger — 2005

Diane Kruger is typically a red carpet trendsetter and often opts for designs that are atypical, which is exactly what makes her fabulous! This particular Golden Globe look, however, was definitely one of her looks that were more risky than rewarding. It’s clear Kruger was going for a Gatsby-inspired look with the flapper-style waves and glittering texture of the dress, but the shape was undeniably questionable. The star bared a little too much skin for our liking and a look like this would have been much better for a stage performance than an elegant red carpet!


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