Golden Globes 2015 Best Dressed: Who Will Rock The Red Carpet?

This Sunday, the Golden Globe Awards will be airing in your living room. We can’t wait to see what all the nominees, presenters and other attendees will wear to this fun and glamorous event. There are some people who we are fairly certain will leave a good impression while there are a number of others who could be a hit or miss. We hope that they all have their stylists on speed dial because this is one of the biggest events this awards season and anything can happen. Here are our predictions for which celebrities we think will be the best dressed at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards!

7. Lupita Nyong’O

Lupita Nyong’O completely blew us away last year. She rocked the award circuit, winning the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in “12 Years a Slave” and she learned to own the red carpet. She’s learned so much since her meteoric rise to fame that this year, at the Golden Globe Awards, we expect to see her wearing something fantastic. She will be one of the presenters, so it will give her the perfect opportunity to show us that she still has “it.”

Like most celebrities, Nyong’O has a stylst, Micaela Erlanger. She considers the red carpet new runway. It is up to actors and actresses to teach the world about fashion. We can expect to see this Oscar-winning actress wearing something colorful and bold. She obviously likes to have fun with fashion and what better occasion than the 2015 Golden Globe Awards.

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6. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale does glam like no one else in Hollywood. She may not be the most successful of actresses, but she owns the red carpet whenever she gets the chance. For a while there, she was styled by Rachel Zoe; however, as of 2010, she had officially left her for her former assistant, Taylor Jacobson. It really doesn’t matter which stylist she goes with though – she always looks breathtakingly beautiful whenever she goes out.

This year, Beckinsale is going to be a presenter at the Golden Globe Awards. Even though she is not up for any awards, we expect her to dress to the nines because that is what she does best. We can count on her to wear some curve-hugging dress that shows off her assets. Couple that with some fabulous accessories and we will have one of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet. Beckinsale never disappoints!

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5. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washtington has become so chic. When she was first starting out, her style was pretty forgettable; however, with some time, she has managed to perfect it, thus establishing herself as one of Hollywood’s most stylish celebrities. We think her stylist, Erin Walsh, deserves some of the credit for this transformation.

According to the “Scandal” star, they are quite in sync when it comes to style. “We’re very collaborative. I feel like we were fashion twins separated at birth,” she said. “We come up with stories for a particular season or a particular press tour. In terms of narrative – that goes into silhouette, texture, cut – making distinctions and having each moment. We use that word a lot: ‘moment.’” We expect Washington to make a big statement at the Golden Globe Awards this year. We have caught wind that she will be presenting, which means we should expect to see her in an exceptional ensemble.

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4. Keira Knightley

On the red carpet, Keira Knightley never messes around. She always dresses for success and it almost always pays off for her. We doubt that this will change at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. She’s up for the Best Supporting Actress award for her performance in “The Imitation Game,” so we are expecting some really great fashion from her. Even if she doesn’t end up taking the award home this time, we expect her to, at the very least, land on all the best dressed lists.

This will be her first red carpet event since announcing her pregnancy. We are really excited to see her maternity style. Some women really like to show off their bumps in their gowns and we hope Knightley will give us that! It looks like she is looking to slow down this year professionally. She’s worked pretty solidly for the past six years and she is looking to do no more than two films a year now. As long as she keeps wowing us on the red carpet, we’re fine with that decision!

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3. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson gets fashion. It doesn’t matter whether she is on the street or on the red carpet – she almost always delivers. Over the years, she has gone from boho chic to completely glam. This might be because of the stylists she works with. As many of us know from “The Rachel Zoe Project,” the bubbly blond used to work with the stylist-reality star. Rumor has it that she severed ties with Zoe because her services became too expensive.

These days, Hudson works with Sophie Lopez. It is a good fit according to Lopez. “She is very involved. She knows what she likes and what works for her. She has a great eye and she enjoys fashion, which is always so wonderful when working with somebody. The good thing is we tend to gravitate toward the same options,” she told Since Hudson is presenting at the Golden Globes this year, we expect to see some effortless glamor!

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2. Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain does not know what she is wearing to the Golden Globe Awards this year and she doesn’t have a lot of time to waste figuring it out. After looking at her past looks on the red carpet, we aren’t especially worried. She knows how to hit it right out of the ballpark without even really trying. We think this might have to do with her celebrity stylist, Elizabeth Stewart. She knows how to give Chastain that dreamy, ethereal sort of look for events.

The Golden Globe-nominated actress won our hearts the other day when she responded to Russell Crowe’s comment about older actresses having the same opportunities as older men. “I think he’s getting his foot stuck in his mouth,” she said. “I think there are some incredible actresses in their 50s and 60s that are not getting opportunities in films. And for someone to say there are plenty of roles for women that age – they’re not going to the movies enough.”

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1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone will be attending the Golden Globe Awards this year. She is up for a Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in “Birdman.” We are excited to see what she wears on the red carpet. Over the last several years, she’s really established herself as the one of the most fashionable young stars today. We can thank her stylist, Petra Flannery, for that. We hope she has something good planned for this Sunday because this is a big event!

When the “Easy A” star first received her Golden Globe nomination, she was petty cute about the whole thing. “I have no words. I am so incredibly honored and grateful for this and feel insanely lucky to have had the chance to work with Alejandro, Michael, Edward, and the whole cast and crew of the beautiful madness that is Birdman. Now can someone please explain who this ‘Meryl Streep’ woman is?!” she said.

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