10 Kate Middleton-Inspired Style Tips

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Ever since her first public debut on the arm of Prince William, fans have ogled at Kate Middleton’s highly polished and elegant sense of style. Her look has become known for clean lines, timeless color palettes and minimal embellishment. She is the queen of a tailored power suit and graces the royal court in her professional yet fashion-forward style time and time again. We’ve seen the frenzy that occurred after her sapphire engagement ring was publicized and we confirmed the Kate Middleton craze when similar styles of her wedding dress sold out everywhere immediately following her wedding. What better role model to look to for style inspiration than the woman who charmed the world with her commoner-turned-princess evolution? Follow along for 10 tips to dress like a princess inspired by Kate Middleton herself:

10. Add a belt to flatter your waistline

Kate Middleton’s petite frame is the envy of girls everywhere, but partly because she knows exactly how to show it off! Kate’s tendency to add a belt to various dresses and ensembles attracts the eye to the tiniest part of her torso and is ultra flattering. We’ve noticed the key to achieving the belted look like Kate is to keep the color palette the same. For instance, in this photo she adds a cream colored belt on top of the same color dress. This cinches the waist without breaking the color palette and keeps things looking streamlined. The visual interest really comes from the texture of this outfit rather than a bold color or pattern.

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9. Jewelry should be detailed and delicate

Many stars opt for extravagant diamonds and statement jewelry pieces to tie their look together, but not Kate Middleton! This classy Duchess always sticks to dainty, understated jewelry pieces to top off her look and often wears a simple silver chain watch or elegant pearls. In this particular look, Kate wears a modest matching necklace and earring set which looks super delicate and polished. These pieces complete the outfit by adding understated detail rather than making a statement of their own.

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8. A neutral blazer adds instant sophistication

One of Kate’s iconic looks is pairing a neutral, structured blazer on top of an outfit. Her role as Duchess is highly formal in nature and often requires her to be looking her absolute best. Adding a tailored blazer on top of a simple trouser and tee, like she does in this photo, instantly boosts her outfit and adds a touch of sophistication and class. Middleton is never sloppy in her style and her array of neutral blazers proves she knows how to always look professional, even when attending a somewhat casual event!

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7. Save slits and glitter for the red carpet or other glamorous events

At her first red carpet appearance after giving birth to Prince George, Kate Middleton stepped out in a glittering floor sweeping Jenny Packham dress. The royal does not usually opt for something this bold and girly, but she pulls it off flawlessly and proves that sparkles don’t have to be tacky. The simple silver color scheme keeps things looking polished and Kate proves with this look that she isn’t afraid to take fashion risks when the occasion is right.

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6. Never underestimate the power of a great fitting skinny jean.

Even on days when she is not attending professional events or meeting with high class individuals, Kate proves that casual dressing does not have to mean putting in no effort. The royal continues to look polished and refined even on her off days and is often caught donning a classic pair great fitting skinny jeans. These dark navy pants emphasize her slender legs and keep her casual look exuding a laid back luxe vibe. She proves casual does not have to mean a hoodie and leggings and keeps her look classy and consistent.

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5. Solid colour pieces will outlast trendy prints

Another signature Kate Middleton look is an ensemble consisting of a monochrome color palette. Her signature look is known for solid colors rather than fleeting prints that will quickly go out of style. The princess knows the importance of appearing timeless and her single color coordination proves it. This look, for example, includes a single colour palette of blush pink and even her accessories perfectly coordinate with this.

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4. Pointed toe pumps are a wardrobe must-have and make any look appear more formal

Although Kate Middleton is always seen wearing something new, the one factor of her wardrobe she seems to keep quite consistent is her shoes! Kate has proven how timeless a pointed toe pump in a neutral color can be — from black, nude or even navy like in this look! A simple pump is classic and will never go out of style, and the added flare of the pointed toe keeps her looking formal and business-like.

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3. A colorful coat adds visual interest to any simple outfit

Despite her seemingly prim and proper appearance, Kate’s one fashion area she loves to experiment with is her outerwear! Take this fuchsia print pea coat for example. This is definitely bold and makes a statement, yet still exudes the classic Middleton elegance. She tends to stick to subtle prints or bright colors when it comes to outerwear, and we love how much her colorful coats pop when paired on top of a simple, all black outfit.

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2. Knee length dresses are always appropriate and will become your go-to

As the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s every move is watched by the public and her appearance is constantly scrutinized. It’s clear there is not much to critique about her ultra refined sense of style, but we’ve learned that Kate keeps up this style icon status by knowing what is appropriate for certain occasions. The royal seems to have a closet full of knee-skimming dresses that are the perfect balance of elegance and modesty. This A-line style dress has become Kate’s signature look and is easily achievable by aspiring fashionistas for a day at the office or a family event.

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1. A smile is your best style secret weapon

Of all the many reasons we are attracted to Kate Middleton’s graceful style, her cheery disposition and consistent optimism is definitely one of her best style secrets. The royal always presents herself in a pleasant, gracious manner and her beaming smile totally steals the show above all other elements of her look. Kate has a natural girl-next-door charm, but her innate beauty and friendly aura truly shine when she smiles!

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