Iconic Celebrity Dresses That Changed Fashion Forever

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When thinking about the course of fashion over the decades, there are a few iconic dresses that instantly come to mind that pioneered trends and set the standards. Whether it be a memorable on-screen dress or something that shocked at an awards show, a handful of dresses exist that changed fashion forever. Follow along the iconic celebrity dresses that will go down in fashion history:

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11. J.Lo’s Versace Dress

No one could possibly forget the low-cut palm leaf Versace dress that J.Lo wore to the Grammys in the year 2000. The revealing dress made heads turn from across the room and even presenter David Duchovny gave a nod to the slinky number by saying, “Well, Jennifer, this is the first time in five or six years that I’m sure that nobody is looking at me.” The dress created an uproar of fans trying to catch a glimpse of the number on the Internet, which actually ended up inspiring the creation of Google Image Search.

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10. Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman Dress

Julia Roberts’ transition from call girl to society figure in Pretty Woman is one of the most memorable makeover film scenes of all time, especially because of the fashion! One of the most iconic style scenes is when Roberts steps out wearing this sleek red evening gown with a Bardot style neckline. The red dress represents the pinnacle of her transition and the perfect combination of elegance and sultriness.

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9. Halle Berry’s Elie Saab Dress

No one could possibly forget the deep burgundy embroidered Elie Saab gown that Halle Berry wore to the 74th Academy Awards. Fashion critics raved about the look for weeks following the event for its ability to show off Berry’s body yet still remain demure and strategic. Variety Magazine even labeled it one of the Oscar’s most beautiful gowns of all time.

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8. Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress

Long before Meghan Markle made the celebrity-to-princess transition, Grace Kelly took on the role when she married Prince Rainer of Monaco and adopted a royal title. The dress Kelly wore for the lavish and glamorous event was a lace long sleeve number with a voluminous satin skirt that worked together to show off her impossibly tiny waist. The dress went on to influence generations of brides and lace has become a staple when it comes to Royal bridal attire.

THE WEDDING IN MONACO, Grace Kelly, 1956

7. Elizabeth Hurley Safety Clip Dress

Elizabeth Hurley made a name for herself when she stepped out on the arm of Hugh Grant wearing a black Versace dress that was held together on the sides by oversized gold safety clips. The dress is often referred to as “THAT dress” and even Hurley herself admitted that the sartorial decision changed the types of roles she was sought after for as an actress.

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6. Pippa Middleton’s Bridesmaid Dress

Although Kate Middleton looked beautiful and ethereal on her big wedding day, her sister Pippa Middleton definitely turned a few heads as well. Pippa w0re a figure-flattering Alexander McQueen slip dress that featured a cowl neckline and dainty cap sleeves. It set a new standard for bridesmaid dressing and is one of the most memorable dress moments of all time.

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5. Princess Diana’s Revenge Dress

Princess Diana had more than a handful of memorable fashion moments, but of all of them, one of the most iconic is the black off-the-shoulder dress she wore to an event the day news leaked of Charles’ infidelity. Apparently, she was saving the dress for the right occasion, and she definitely made a statement and showed her strength when she faced the public that fateful evening.

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4. Marilyn Monroe’s Subway Dress

One of the most iconic film scenes of all time is when Marilyn Monroe starred in Seven Year Itch and her skirt is lifted up after a gust of air from the subway. The moment created an epic New York photo opp and the pleated, full-skirt halter dress became an instant icon.

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3. Audrey Hepburn’s LBD

When Audrey Hepburn took the role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, fashion was forever changed. The opening scene of Hepburn gliding across early morning New York in a black silk gown is one that fans have tried to mimic for years. Hepburn made the demure yet sultry little black dress a staple in women’s wardrobes after proving how endlessly versatile it can be throughout the film.

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2. Meghan Markle’s Second Dress

A more recent iconic dress moment is the second ensemble that Meghan Markle wore at her fairytale royal wedding! The slinky number featured a halter neckline and a sleek, simplistic shape which has proved to be the epitome of Markle’s royal style.

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1. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

As for the most iconic dress of all time, the first place spot has to go to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress from 2011! The lace Alexander McQueen number was perfectly tailored to her petite frame and the lace sleeves added a Grace Kelly-inspired, feminine touch that will never be forgotten.

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