Television Families You’d Want To Spend Thanksgiving With

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Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have and surrounding yourself with loved ones, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to join some of television’s most popular families for the holiday? We certainly have! Follow along for all the television families you’d want to spend Thanksgiving with:

17. One Tree Hill

Thanksgiving in Tree Hill would definitely be a small town affair to remember. We’re sure the night would consist of a few rounds of pre-dinner basketball between Nathan and Lucas and tons of laughs around the table once the whole family joined together.

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16. Pretty Little Liars

With “A” on the prowl, we’d definitely be in for a tumultuous evening with the Pretty Little Liars girls. If we saw their phones light up throughout the meal, we’d definitely know to watch our backs.

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15. Supernatural

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by Sam and Dean at a Thanksgiving dinner? We’d know we were in good hands the entire meal if creatures from unknown realms happened to attack, and in Supernatural, this happens more than you’d think!

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14. Modern Family

While Thanksgiving might be a traditional holiday, why not shake things up by spending time with the Pritchett and Dunphy gang? We’re sure their turkey day festivities are far from ordinary!

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13. The Big Bang Theory

While hanging with Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard may not be the most relaxing environment on Thanksgiving, you’d definitely be sure to have a few laughs, especially with Penny around!

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12. Stranger Things

Thanksgiving with the Stranger Things clan would definitely consist of fighting off some sort of beast from the Underworld, but with Eleven by our side, we wouldn’t mind! Perhaps following the defeat, we could even sit down for a meal of Eggos and a round of Dungeons & Dragons.

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11. Grey’s Anatomy

You’d know you were in good hands if you dined with the Grey’s Anatomy doctors for Thanksgiving this year! With all the specialized surgeries and drama they’ve been through during sixteen seasons, we’re certain they could save the day against anything.

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10. Jane The Virgin

Having Thanksgiving dinner with the supportive and heart-warming Villanueva family would definitely be an experience to remember! We wouldn’t be surprised, though,  if we had to witness Rogelio’s antics throughout the entire meal.

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9. The Brady Bunch

There’s no family that screams American tradition more than the Brady Bunch! There would undeniably be no shortage of drama with a gang this big around the table, but we’re certain Alice would be the star of the show with her delicious home-cooked meal.

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8. Friday Night Lights

Family and relationships are the core of Friday Night Lights, so we definitely wouldn’t mind sitting side-by-side with the Taylors during the Thanksgiving season. We wouldn’t be surprised if their turkey day tradition even included a little family football game!

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7. Full House

There’s no family more wholesome and pure than the Tanner’s of Full House! We’d love to be surrounded by this adorable clan for our Thanksgiving festivities. We’re sure Danny would bring the life lessons, Joey would bring the jokes and Jesse would bring the music.

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6. Riverdale

Any Riverdale Thanksgiving definitely requires milkshakes at Pop’s Diner for dessert. Hopefully they can last through the whole dinner without a note from the Black Hood, though!

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5. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Thanksgiving with the Kardashians would definitely be one of the most lavish of all time. We’d imagine that Kris Jenner would take all the stops, but inevitably there would be a few fights throughout the night as well.

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4. Friends

Thanksgiving with the Friends family would definitely be one for the books, especially if Joey or Monica stepped out with a turkey on their heads! There’d be no shortage of laughs with this hilarious gang around the table.

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3. Gossip Girl

Dining with the Waldorfs or Van Der Woodsen’s on Thanksgiving would definitely be an opulent affair to remember! You’d have to make sure to wear your most fabulous designer frocks and be ready for a night of scandal and drama though.

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2. Gilmore Girls

Thanksgiving in Star’s Hollow surrounded by quips between Lorelai and Rory definitely sounds like a good time! We’re sure their Thanksgiving spread would consist of all forms of sugary foods and endless cups of coffee, which would obviously be provided by Luke.

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1. This Is Us

We have no doubts that there would be tears while spending Thanksgiving with the Pearson family, but by the end of the dinner we’d all learn a life lesson and be thankful. We’d also definitely expect Pilgrim Rick to greet us when we got to the door!

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