Jessica Alba Is The New Face Of What Health Product?

Actress JESSICA ALBA has landed a new role as a spokesperson for coconut water brand Zico.

The Fantastic Four star has been championing the health benefits of the fruit drink for years and now she has signed up as the face of the company’s Crack Life Open campaign, which encourages people to be realistic about how they can maintain a healthy diet.

And Alba reveals even her two daughters, Honor and Haven, have fallen in love with Zico’s products. She tells, “I was an early adopter (of coconut water)! Water can get a bit boring. What’s the alternative to just water? “This tastes like a treat. My kids are obsessed (with the chocolate flavour). That’s all they want. I’ve even brought it when we have a family dinner out. I’d rather them have that than (what) they have at the restaurant. It just feels better.”

Zico is a rival to the Vita Coco drinks firm, which boasts singer Rihanna as a spokesmodel.

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