Fan Disguised As Cleaner Gets Backstage At Miley Cyrus Concert

Helga Esteb /

A MILEY CYRUS fan has exposed a major security flaw on the pop star’s Bangerz world tour after gaining access to her dressing room at a gig in Sydney, Australia.

Anthony Skinner noticed a cleaner’s store room at the All Phones Arena had been left open during Miley’s show on Friday night (17Oct14) and slipped into the backstage area unnoticed.

He tells the BBC, “I looked around and on the floor there’s a pair of boots, and on the couch there’s this hi-visibility vest. My mindset was, ‘(Let’s) see how far you can take this’. It wasn’t planned at all. Everything just fell into place so perfectly.”

He put his belongings in a wheelie bin and headed for the VIP area, walking past security guards who didn’t even look at him.

Skinner adds, “I had that realisation that I was in. I just thought, ‘Play this cool, play this cool…’ It was such tight security, they weren’t letting anyone in and they let me in because I was pushing a bin.”

He spent almost an hour pretending to clean up after Miley had exited the stage, while he was really scoping out the venue.

Hearing music blasting from one room, he decided to head for the door and spotted Cyrus’ support act The Faders and other celebrities waiting outside.

When he was eventually confronted by a security guard, he was simply told to wait in a doorway so Miley could leave.

Skinner says, “My whole brain just emptied. I saw her and froze. All I could get out was, ‘Hey’. She looked at me, smiled and just kept walking. If I did actually meet her I wouldn’t have anything left to do. I’d have to come up with a whole new goal.”

And now Skinner is hoping to hear from the pop star after leaving a note with his contact details in the pocket of a jacket he designed for Miley and passed off to one of her entourage earlier in the evening.

He says, “I wrote this letter. I was going to hand it to her if I got close enough during the show. Didn’t happen that way.”