Josh Duggar Scandal: 7 Latest Revelations

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Josh Duggar has really done it this time. People were pretty appalled when In Touch Weekly reported that he had molested five underage girls (four of them were his sisters); however, when news broke that he had an account with Ashley Madison, a website that facilitates affairs, we all realized just how big of a hypocrite he really is. We’ve already documented some of the skeletons the Duggar family has in their closet, so here are 7 of the latest revelations from the Josh Duggar scandal!

7. Anna’s Parents Are More Strict Than the Duggars

According to People, Anna’s upbringing was a lot like Josh’s. Her parents were super strict and super religious, but they were more extreme than Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. “Anna and her siblings were always taught that if you follow these 10 steps or whatever, God would bless you,” a source said. She also didn’t get much of a chance to express herself. “They always got 15-minute, one-on-one sessions with their mom every week. That was the time to share their feelings, but other than that they had to keep their feelings to themselves,” the source continued.

© TLC/Discovery Communications / Courtesy: Everett Collection

6. One of Anna’s Sisters Is in the Midst of a Divorce

Anna’s parents raised their children to believe that divorce is never an option but, right now, her sister Rebecca is going through one. “They just don’t know what to do,” the source says of Anna’s parents. “They always taught their kids that divorce was never an option. They never even thought about cheating. But that’s not how life works,” the source added.

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5. The Duggar Family Is Controlling Who Speaks to Anna

Since news broke that Josh had an account with Ashley Madison, the Duggar family has been controlling who can speak to Anna. “The scary thing is, I don’t know who is talking to Anna, outside of the people in Duggarville. It’s scary. I don’t know… how she is dealing with this. Aside from Duggarville… no one can get to her.”

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4. Anna Isn’t Allowed to Get Mad at Josh

Before marrying into the Duggar family, Anna had spunk. “She’s really fun. She was always the bossy sister, but in a fun way. If she and her siblings were playing a game, she would make sure they were doing it exactly by the rules. They always had a good time together.” Now, she’s more like a carbon copy of her mother-in-law, Michelle. “She doesn’t get mad. You are not allowed to get mad. It’s not godly for a woman. Ever since she met [the Duggars] she has acted more like Michelle. She talks like her, really soft. She, like, whispers.”

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3. Anna’s Brother Wants Her to Leave Josh

Anna’s brother, Daniel Keller, thinks Josh is a total pig and wants his sister to leave him. On Facebook he wrote, “I have told her I would pay for her to move out here w me and pay for her kidz. I don’t think josh will see that this is a big deal and be truly broken till that happens. I told her I would go get her and her children stay w me. She said she’s staying where she’s at. But I won’t stop trying to get that pig out of our family.”

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2. Josh Allegedly Slept with a Porn Star

Porn star Danica Dillon claims that she had sex with Josh on two separate occasions – once when Anna was pregnant with their fourth child. He came to see her perform at the Gold Club in Philadelphia and the Creekside Cabaret in Colmar, Philadelphia, and offered her money for private dances and then even more money to spend the night with her. For Danica, it wasn’t a good experience. “He was manhandling me, basically tossing me around like I was a rag doll,” she told In Touch Weekly. “It was very traumatic. I’ve had rough sex before, but this was terrifying.”

1. Josh Is in Rehab

According to the Duggar Family website, Josh has checked himself into rehab. “Yesterday Josh checked himself into a long-term treatment center,” the statement read. “For him it will be a long journey toward wholeness and recovery. We pray that in this he comes to complete repentance and sincere change.” Although the Duggar family doesn’t offer any insight into what Josh is seeking rehab for, In Touch Weekly alleges that it is for sex addiction and that the rehab is faith-based.

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