8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sean Lowe And Catherine Giudici’s Relationship


Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici met on season 17 of The Bachelor when he was presented with 26 women who were all vying for his love, and he chose her. At the end of the season, America watched as Sean got down on one knee and proposed — and they have been together ever since! Catherine and Sean have been through a lot since the season finale of The Bachelor. They’ve appeared on numerous reality shows like Celebrity Wife Swap and Marriage Boot Camp, got married in a televised ceremony and welcomed a son in July 2016! Their 4 year wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of this month, so here’s a look at 8 things you didn’t know about their relationship!

8. First Impression of Her

In Sean’s memoir, For the Right Reasons, he revealed a lot of behind the scenes info about his time on The Bachelor, especially when it came to his relationship with Catherine. While he was completely smitten with her when she stepped out of the limo, he admitted that there were many times that he was very apprehensive about whether or not she was serious about him. In his book he wrote, “While we were chatting I put my hand on her knee to send a message: I’m interested in you. However she didn’t reciprocate. She acted nervous and — to be honest — kind of weird. Does this girl even like me? I wondered…Catherine was really hard to read, which left me with a lot of questions.” He even said in the beginning he didn’t think she was the one, but was willing to explore the opportunity.


7. Almost Didn’t Pick Her

After they both appeared on The Bachelor and got engaged in the end, Sean revealed in his memoir that he actually had second thoughts the night before he proposed. He began to panic about whether he was making the right decision and if her faith in Christianity was as strong as his. Sean begged the producers to let him see her the night before his proposal so that he could question her about her values. When they agreed and he met with her, she assured him that she was the woman for him and that she would support him through his faith. Talk about a narrow miss!

6. Rocky Start

After surviving all the crazy drama of being on The Bachelor and having to hide their relationship for so long, right after they went public together, Sean was offered a spot on Dancing With the Stars. He moved to Los Angeles, while Catherine quit her job and tagged along. It definitely wasn’t a fairytale ending. He was stuck in the studio practicing for long stretches of the day while she sat at home with nothing to occupy her time. In Sean’s memoir, he said that Catherine told him one day, “We just got out of a hard time of life. Remember? The Bachelor? That wasn’t easy either. We kept saying that once it was over, we could live like normal people. Well, this isn’t normal.”

5. More Children

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Catherine revealed that not only are her and Sean already planning on having baby number 2 since welcoming their first this past July, they also want to adopt! “We want them to be close together. I’m not pregnant or anything, but it’s definitely important that we knock it out! … So we’re hoping that the next one just gets to be best friends with Samuel. …[I’ll probably get pregnant] early next year, in the next 6 to 8 months,” she said. “I definitely want a little girl — it’s hard to say if I want her next. I know that I want at least three natural babies and then we’re going to adopt a couple.” In November 2017, they announced that they are expecting baby number 2!

4. Spend All Their Time Together

Catherine and Sean both work from home which is definitely a hard thing for a couple to do. Both Sean and Catherine agree they basically spend 24 hours a day together! “Catherine and I have this unique ability where we can be around each other all day long and we never get tired of each other,” said Sean. “We’re super chill,” added Catherine. “We’re so blessed that we get to be together all the time. …We are such homebodies and are obsessed with the life we’ve created for ourselves, so getting a date night isn’t the biggest priority for us because we spend 24 hours a day together!”

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3. Perfect Date

Sean has said that he and Catherine both prefer to be at home in their sweatpants watching a movie than being on those over-the-top romantic dates they had when they first started dating on The Bachelor. While they still do a lot of lounging together, Catherine said they also like to do fun themed dates: “We are really easy going. We are together a lot, so when on a date night, we try to do something special and think outside the box. I like pairing things together. So if we are going to go to Chinese food, we’ll go see the Chinese lanterns afterwards. Just having themed nights that are causal like that is really fun,” she said.

2. Church Goers

In an interview with Fierce Marriage, Sean said that he and Catherine attend church every Sunday and that religion plays a big part in their marriage. “When we’re home we’re at church every Sunday, and as the dust has finally settled over the past few months, we’re starting to get more involved with small groups too,” he said. During the first year of their marriage, Catherine and Sean had a mentor couple who checked in with them on a weekly basis and sought out pre-marriage counselling before tying the knot. The couple revealed they had slept together during their night in the fantasy suite, but Lowe revealed he had plans to be a “born-again virgin” until they finally wed in 2013.

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1. Catherine’s Insecurity

When Catherine and Sean did a stint on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars a lot of personal and emotional details about their relationship were aired out on the show. One thing, in particular, was Catherine’s insecurity and jealousy. At one point on the show, she said: “I hate that I’m jealous of other women. I’ve hurt you because we’re constantly surrounded by other women, and I hate that I’ve put on you sometimes how much I’m insecure about it.” She also acknowledged that her insecurities have put a lot of strain on their relationship in the past. Lately, these two seem happier than ever, so it looks like they were able to work through their issues!