7 Female Celebrities Who Have Physically Abused Their Men

When it comes to domestic violence, women aren’t always the victims. We have grown so accustomed to hearing about men abusing women that we seem to have totally forgotten that women are just as capable of physically assaulting men in their lives. We have an article on women who stand by their abusive men, so it seems fitting to have another article on famous women who have assaulted their boyfriends and husbands. While some of this abuse looks like it could have been just a one-time thing, we have other women on the list who have defended their right to be abusive. See for yourself – here are 7 female celebrities who have physically abused their men!

7. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra proved herself to be quite the scrapper back in 1999. She and her one-time husband Dennis Rodman were arrested after they got into a physical altercation. The police were called and Electra was found with a cut lip and Rodman with scratches on his arm and a torn shirt. Both of them accused the other of making insulting remarks and being physically abusive; however, after they were arrested for battery assault all the charges were dropped.

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