6 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 2)

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There is a lot of action, drama, and emotion on tap for the episodes of this week’s The Young and the Restless (Y&R). Learn more about the Newmans, the Abotts, and so much more, in the Y&R teasers below for the week of November 2nd:

6. Tower Of Terror

As the Newmans and Abbotts gather for the Halloween gala in Delia’s honor, a fire breaks out. Guests start to notice glitches in the power, as a mysterious person breaks through the security system, causing the blaze. The incident leads to many injuries, and four deaths. Victor and Jack come together out of necessity, to come to the aid of those they love.

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5. Adam Faces Death…Once Again

While Adam must go to Walworth for treatment, he makes a crazy move, and puts his life at risk. Apparently, Adam knows who caused the fire at the Halloween gala. Chelsea continues to defend Adam.

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4. Hilary and Devon Reunite

After everything that has happened since their honeymoon, the couple is finally reunited; however, Hilary isn’t herself. Paul questions her about what happened on top of Virgin Gorda, and despite his fears, she does not expose Neil.

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3. Sharon’s Baby Woes

Dr. Anderson continues to manipulate Sharon into believing she is pregnant, while she stays at Fairview. Sharon seems to start to question the doctor’s motives, yet still tries to focus on her pregnancy.


2. Ashley Struggles

Stitch relays something quite surprising. Ashley continues to have feelings for Stitch and struggles with her emotions.

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1. New Character Alert

Keep your eyes peeled Y&R fans! A new character will be debuting this week, and she goes by the name of Elise Moxley (played by Jensen Buchanan).

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