6 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (January 25)

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Calling all Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! It’s Monday morning, which means it is also time to read up on the spoilers this week, for your favorite soap. Read more about Adam, Victor, Billy, and newcomer Natalie down below, in the Y&R spoilers for the week of January 25th.

6. Adam’s Kidnapper

Y&R fans find out who Adam’s kidnapper is this week, and all this comes crashing down during Chelsea’s fashion. Will those behind Adam’s capture come to the forefront?


5. Natalie Strikes Some Deals

Natalie has something going on with Victor, but this week, she also is on the cusp of striking up a deal with Phyllis, as the feisty red head claims she wants to work with her. Natalie also approaches Kevin and Mariah for a deal. The new character on Y&R also has an encounter with Victoria this week.

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4. Dr. Anderson Continues To Wreak Havoc

Dr. Anderson continues to make trouble for Nick, Sage, Sharon, and Dylan. Her first target is Sharon, as she continues to prod her into a mental breakdown. Dylan takes note of this, and starts to really question Anderson. Nick also seems to be trying to get closer to the not-so-good doctor, in an effort to find out what she is up to. Sage sees both her and Nick at the coffee shop and loses it on him, stating he’s a ‘traitor.’ However, Sage just might know what Nick is really up to.


3. Ashley Warms Up to Dr. Neville

Ashley is doubtful this week that her condition will improve, and she talks to Dr. Neville about this. However, when test results return that she is getting better, a very happy Ashley thanks Neville by planting a passionate kiss on him. Neville is taken by surprise, yet quite happy with the kiss…and the results.

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2. Billy’s Recovery

As Billy gets better this week, and continues to try and mend fences with Victoria, he has a heart-to-heart with Jack, who confides in him. Phyllis also approaches Billy about gaining some revenge on Victor, and Billy decides he wants in.

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1. More Spoilers!

There is trouble in honeymoon paradise as Abby struggles with her marriage and trying to be a stepmom to Max. Marissa shares a confession with Chelsea and Noah questions Luca on his plans for Victor. Hilary and Nikki have an argument about Neil and Jack encourages Ashley to return to Jabot. Also, there’s a surprise guest on The Young and the Restless this week — do you recognize this survivor?

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