5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 3)

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This week promises to be an intense one for Young and the Restless (Y&R) viewers. Patty will taunt Sharon with her secret; Dylan is on a mission; there is trouble in paradise for Travis and Vicky; and Billy finds himself in jail. Learn more about these storylines (and more) in the Y&R spoilers for the week of October 3rd.

5. Patty Versus Sharon

Reeling off the revelation that Patty is the mysterious caller, Sharon walks on egg shells this week because she’s worried her Baby Sully secret will be revealed. While Sharon tries to handle the situation, the dynamics with Patty will be an interesting watch. Daughter Mariah tries to help keep things under control for Sharon, but Daddy Dylan wants to know who is behind these calls – and he will be on a ‘mission’ this week. As such, Sharon partners up with someone to help hide her secret. Will it be Patty?

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4. Jack Plots

Jack unravels a plot of revenge this week and his target? Billy of course! But this isn’t the only thing Billy will have to deal with. Y&R fans will see the youngest Abbott arrested – which may (or may not) have to do with his older brother’s scheme. In an interesting twist of events, Travis will be in custody as well, causing both men to share a night in the slammer … together.

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3. Travis’ Past

Vicky and Travis may be hitting a bump in the road as the two face some issues this week. Victoria finds out a secret from Travis’ past, which Victor learns about first. As such, these two will not be as happy and dreamy as they have been in recent weeks. On the topic of Travis, Ashley comes to the realization that she recognizes him from somewhere. Billy also warns Vicky that Travis working for Victor may not be a good idea.

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2. Nick and Chelsea

These two continue to bond this week. While they have decided to lay out some boundaries, it seems this plan won’t last long. While they won’t jump into a love making session this week, they will spend some time in a park together with Connor. While they are trying to keep things ‘friendly’ it’s clear that their feelings are growing into something else.

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1. More Spoilers!

Abby and Stitch continue to fall apart this week. Abby admits to something, and then tells Stitch to close the door in their relationship. While Hilary embarks on a new career, the start to it is a rather shaky one. In an odd twist of events, Jill turns to Victor and opens up to him about something.

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