5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (October 26)


It’s that time of the week, Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans! Time for your dose of Genoa City teasers! Learn more about what will happen to Adam, Chelsea, and all the haunting details of the Halloween Gala event happening at Newman Enterprises. Read on to find out!

5. Adam’s Hit and Run

Chelsea once again has to deal with the idea of losing Adam as he struggles for his life after a hit and run accident in front of the courthouse. While Victoria was with Billy during the accident, Victor seems to think Billy is behind the accident, and wants him arrested immediately. Michael informs Paul that this situation was no accident, and whoever was behind the wheel was gunning for Adam. Chelsea in turn has to defend how she feels about Adam to others.

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4. Baby Christian

Nick and Sage face a crisis when Baby Christian deals with some complications and stops breathing. Nurse and doctors must rush into the room to save the baby. Nick is then given some awful news.

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3. Ashley’s Feelings Surface

Ashley discovers that Stitch has proposed to Abby, and confronts him. It becomes clear that Ashley still has lingering feelings for Stitch. Will she act on her feelings? How will this affect Abby and Ashley’s relationship? Sounds like a new love triangle is being formed in Genoa City.

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2. Halloween Nightmare

A night of fun turns to terror when the Halloween event that Phyllis and Nikki have organized at Top of Tower, a new establishment at Newman Enterprises, goes terribly wrong. Someone sets fire to the restaurant, causing an explosion that will result in four deaths. Victor and Jack work together to face the tragedy and help with the incident. Ashley goes back and forth on her feelings for Stitch, and his recent proposal to her daughter, Abby. Meanwhile, Adam risks everything.


1. More Spoilers!

The Paragon Project virus continues to disrupt Genoa City. Later, an unconscious Mariah is discovered. Elsewhere, Lily is surprised by Cane and Victor and Billy further bond by declaring their love for each other. Neil’s plan to help save Hilary takes a negative turn and the world around Devon spins out of control, as his search for Hilary hits a crossroad.

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