5 Young And The Restless Spoilers For The Week (November 21)


As Genoa City gears up to celebrate Thanksgiving, The Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans will be treated to tons of drama (and maybe a little chaos) this week. Learn more about what will happen to Devon, Hilary, Phyllis, Jack, Sharon, Nick, Dylan, and Christian in the Y&R spoilers for the week of November 21st.

5. Devon Tries To Control Hilary

Not that he’s had much success in the past when it comes to controlling the actions of his wife, but Hilary will cause an uproar when her hubby sends her out for a fluff piece to cover for GC Buzz. Dealing with the issue of homelessness, Hilary doesn’t care about helping people. She wants to find gossip and looks for this at Crimson Lights.


4. Phyllis Tries To Unite Jack And Billy

Spoilers indicate that Billy and Phyllis may get mixed up in Hilary’s attempt to get a ‘good’ story for the Buzz. Regardless, Phyllis urges Billy to make up with Jack. Jill is on board with this too and let’s Billy know how powerful forgiveness can be. Billy misses his brother and wants to repair the relationship, but is Jack ready? Billy takes a stab at reuniting with his brother this week.


3. Tricky

Victoria ponders over the idea of marrying Travis this week. What she doesn’t know is that Travis has cheated on her with Michelle. While it is clear that Travis adores Vicky, it is also clear that he popped the question so soon because he felt guilty about his affair. Spoilers indicate that Victoria will learn about Travis’ affair soon.


2. Thanksgiving Drama

Rivals Sharon and Nikki will have a confrontation this week. Sharon will regret it, but is thankful that she and Dylan are at a better place now. The couple decide to take Chloe up on a holiday dinner invite, and when they get to the penthouse, Chelsea and Nick are headed to the Newman ranch … and that’s when the real drama ensues!


1. Dylan Makes A Bold Move

As Chelsea and Nick try to leave, Dylan and Sharon plead with him to allow them a moment with Christian. However, Nick is sick of feeling sorry for them and wants his own time with his son, so he does not stop and proceeds to his dad’s house. The sadness of no longer having Christian in his life is too much for Dylan and he makes a bold move this week that upsets Sharon. Spoilers indicate it could be anything from leaving Sharon to be with Christian at Victor’s on Thanksgiving or actually trying to kidnap the child. This week should be a big one in Genoa City!


Dorathy Gass

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