Things You Didn’t Know About The Vampire Diaries


“The Vampire Diaries” is an insanely popular supernatural TV series that is based on books of the same name by L.J. Smith. Although it initially received mixed reviews, the critics have definitely come around. They’re hooked on it and so are we! The show will be embarking on its seventh season soon and things are going to change – in a big way. Nina Dobrev, who plays the beautiful and charming Elena Gilbert, has left the series and we have no idea what’s in store for season seven. For fans of “The Vampire Diaries,” here are 12 things you didn’t know about the show!

12. Neve Campbell Could Have Been Isobel

Neve Campbell was considered for the role of Isobel Flemming, but it went to Mia Kirshner, who is best known for her role as Jenny in “The L Word.”


11. Many Actresses Wanted the Role of Elena

Torrey DeVitto – who played Dr. Meredith Fell on the series – initially auditioned for the role of Elena Gilbert. Alexandra Chando also auditioned for the part.

10. Nina Dobrev’s Many Roles

Nina Dobrev has played four characters on “The Vampire Diarties: Elena, Katherine, Amara and Tatia.

9. Ashlee Simpson as Elena?

According to series producer/director Marcos Siega, The CW Network initially wanted to cast Ashlee Simpson as Elena Gilbert.

8. Ian Somerhalder’s Many Auditions

Ian Somerhalder had to audition for the role of Damon Salvatore twice before he landed it.

7. James Van Der Beek Could Have Been Alaric

James Van Der Beek was initially considered for the role of Alaric Saltzman; however, the part went to Matthew Davis.

6. The Real Mystic Falls

While the pilot was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the rest of the episodes were filmed in Covington, Georgia, and various other areas in the Greater Atlanta area because of local tax incentives.

5. David Gallagher as Stefan?

David Gallagher from “7th Heaven” auditioned for the roles of Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore. Instead, he landed the role of Ray Sutton, which was a guest starring part.

4. Ashley Tisdale Could Have Been on The Vampire Diaries

Ashley Tisdale was invited to audition, but she declined.

3. Paul Wesley Could Have Been Damon

Paul Wesley initially auditioned for the role of Damon, but was cast as Stefan instead.

2. Ian Somerhalder on “True Blood?”

Before Ian Somerhalder landed the role of Damon, he auditioned for a role on “True Blood.”

1. Nina Dobrev in a Wig

When playing Katherine Pierce, Nina Dobrev wears a curly haired wig.