Kendall Jenner All Grown Up: See The Pics!

Kendall Jenner has come a long way since Season 1 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and we have all the pics to prove it. The soon-to-be 18-year-old is now all grown up – and has even become a professional model. Take a look at the pics of the eldest Jenner sister below!

1. 2011 Hollywood Style Awards

Kendall looked cute and sophisticated in this white skirt and sheer green top as she walked the red carpet of the 2011 Hollywood Style Awards in California in 2011.

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  • kim

    Kendal is beautiful. Shewill go far. Congrats.

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  • H4BAF

    I’d love to nail her for days. She is utterly sexy and hot. Has been for years.

  • Mick Aldighty

    She is not all that hot.

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  • $The M@n$

    Lets run a train on her and make a video so she can get as famous as her big sister and I can enjoy that sexy ass….at the end it ends up been a win win situation ! ;-)

  • NoaKaloa

    What is scary is her dad trying to look like her!

  • LA Roxy

    Run a train?

  • LA Roxy

    Lets run a train and a bus!

  • H4BAF

    And a cruise ship.

  • YourSupremeCommander

    What about a Kia Optima?

  • Ron

    You guys are sick. Turn yourself in.

  • goodnightmare

    Hey author, eldest means oldest. The one born first. The one who’s had the most birthdays. Etc etc. Perhaps spend a little less time on celebrity worship and a little more time with a dictionary. Given your choice of career it might prove helpful.

  • Fame 10 Staff

    Hey there,

    She is the eldest Jenner sister – she’s 18 and she has one younger sister, Kylie, who is 16. Not sure what you’re referring to here but thanks for reading!

  • Stephanie

    She is gorgeous, and will have a great modeling career!!