Zac Efron Involved in Los Angeles Brawl–Saves Body Guard’s Life

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Zac Efron is a tough one to pin. It seems the guy could have done pretty much anything he wanted, even completely shed the image that followed him from the High School Musical franchise. Instead, he has ended up in some questionable situations, and offered repeated stories that begged for furrowed brows. Last Sunday night is no different.

Zac is no stranger to controversy. Whether he’s as bad as he wants to be, or he’s obsessed with shedding the image of being a “good guy,” Mr. Ephron has a knack for trouble. He has been in and out of rehab for cocaine issues over the past couple of years, and late last year he had the mysterious case of a broken jaw. He blamed that on a fall. Who knows?

In regards to the latest slice of WTF, Zac was involved in a melee–a fracas–a brawl in downtown Los Angeles just after midnight on Sunday. At least, that’s what the police report states.

Zac and his bodyguard were in the area, and according to both men, they were running low on gas–so low, they allegedly ran out of gas and were waiting on a road-side assistance. During the wait, Zac stated that a bottle was thrown out of their car, and the bottle shattered. It nearly hit a group of transients, or perhaps local homeless. Regardless, these individuals took issue, and they weren’t looking to talk it out–they believed the bottle had been thrown directly at them.

Zac’s bodyguard tried to simmer the situation, but things escalated quickly. According to Zac, he quickly got out of the car to try and break up the confrontation, and he was sucker-punched in the jaw. According to Zac, it was the hardest he had ever been hit. The police came, the situation was settled and no one was arrested. They called the incident “mutual combat.” Who knew there was such a thing? Zac’s bodyguard has been gracious enough to say that Zac “saved my life.” Apparently it was getting really ugly before Zac intervened.

So, this begs the question: What was Zac doing in an area of Los Angeles that is as seedy as they come? An area known specifically for drug deals?


James Sheldon