Y&R’s Rory Gibson Reveals The Co-Star Who Saved His Audition

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Rory Gibson, who was recently recast as Noah Newman on The Young and the Restless (Y&R) may be a stranger to daytime drama, but he was well-known to the CBS soap. 

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Gibson shared his history with Y&R as well as the co-star who saved his audition. 

“I auditioned for Y&R a couple of years ago for a really small part and it didn’t work out,” Gibson admitted. “I think it was because I had to sing and as soon as they heard me, they were probably like, ‘Yeah, this isn’t happening.’”

When the casting notice came up for Noah Newman, Gibson sent in an audition tape… but it also didn’t go over very well.

“They contacted me and said they weren’t crazy about [the tape], because I played him more on the tense and greedy side,” Gibson explained. “They said, ‘Noah is a good dude, but we’re still bringing you in for the callback.’”

For viewers wondering what to expect from Noah Newman upon his return to Genoa City, consider that “good dude” comment a tiny spoiler of what’s to come. As for Gibson’s callback, it would appear that he nailed it. 

“I changed it up this time and I guess they liked it because they brought me in to test with Joshua Morrow [Nick Newman],” Gibson explained. “It was a really chill experience. Everyone was super-accommodating.”

They were so welcoming, in fact, that even an actor’s worst nightmare — screwing up an audition — became a bonding moment for the young actor and soaps veteran.

“I actually dropped one of my very first lines, and Josh took the rap for it,” Gibson reminisced. “He said, ‘That was my fault, man, sorry.’ He totally saved me. Such a nice dude.”

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Gibson had barely left CBS when he got the call that would transform his life forever.  

“I drove home, and after I walked in, my agent called,” Gibson recounted. “I answered, ‘Everything okay?’ and he said, ‘I got some news for you.’ I immediately knew what he was talking about but I’m still thinking, ‘There’s no way. It was like only 30 minutes since my audition’, and he said, ‘It’s yours. You got it.’ I was in disbelief for three weeks.”

As Gibson quit his other job and managed to keep his new role a secret, his new TV father continued to support him.

“Josh texted me shortly after I got cast, welcoming me to the show,” Gibson shared with a smile. “It was really nice. It made it a lot easier when I came in on my first day because it’s a little bit daunting going on such a big show.”

“I was a little nervous, so Josh definitely helped ease the blow and everything was chill after that,” Gibson said, adding, “I’m loving it here.”

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