Y&R’s Eric Braeden Gets Into Royal Rumble With Fans Over The Queen’s Passing

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Anyone who follows Eric Braeden on Twitter knows that the man loves to watch the news. However, fans called out The Young and the Restless (Y&R) star when he claimed that the Queen’s passing had “no geopolitical consequence” and that media coverage of her demise was “overdone”.

Braeden’s royal rumble with his fans began last week when the soap opera titan posted a divisive tweet.

“Could there possibly be anymore genuflecting by the media about QE2?” Braeden asked. “It’s becoming KITSCH!” 

Apparently, the Y&R star thought news networks were going too far in their reverential coverage of the fallen Queen – and fans clapped back at him!

Many Twitter users countered that the Queen’s passing, after 70 years of rule, is a major event and certainly newsworthy, but that didn’t quell Braeden’s passion.

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“That’s NOT the point! Of course, it’s newsworthy, you bet it is, but it loses in importance when there’s hourly coverage!” Braeden replied. “Far more important things are going on that need exposure and attention! We need to do everything to preserve democracy!” 

When one fan told him he shouldn’t watch the coverage if he isn’t enjoying it, the actor widely known as Victor Newman shot back. 

“Well, son, if I have ruffled your feathers, so be it! The coverage is way OVERDONE! This is AMERICA!” the star continued. “We don’t need to see this morning, noon and night! If the BRITS do, that’s cool!”

When another fan asked if Braeden’s problem was strictly with the media, and not the Queen, Braeden elaborated on his point.

“Look, the BRITS do ceremony better than anyone, but her passing is of absolutely NO geopolitical consequence!” Braeden argued. “People just love watching all this pomp and circumstance!”

“I get that,” Braeden added, “but don’t constantly imbue her passing with enormous importance!”

This isn’t the first time Braeden has made headlines for his impulsive tweets, and it surely won’t be the last. So, is anyone willing to ask the Moustache for his take on Harry and Meghan?

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