Will Smith Collaborating With Kanye West

Andrey Bayda / Shutterstock.com

Will Smith is a con man in his new movie with Margot Robbie — but we may soon see him get back to an old passion: rapping.

At the premiere of Focus, Will talked to reporters about the awkwardness of filming sex scenes and his recent studio sessions with Kanye West.

“That’s what’s so crazy. When you look at it, it looks like it’s hot, but a love scene is like…this,” he said, referring to the crowd of people on the red carpet. “It’s like…cameramen and people, and everybody standing around. A dude says, ‘Hey, use your hips. Use your hips a little more.’ It’s like really, really awkward.”

“I think everyone’s just kind of cracking jokes and being stupid,” Margot chimed in. “We got some good material for the gag reel in that scene.”

But the big news from the premiere is that we might get a comeback sequel to Will’s old single, “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

That’s right, Will has been hanging out in the studio with Kanye West.

“I went to the studio with ‘Ye a couple times,” Will explained. “He’s pushing me a little bit. I’m trying to find my voice.”

So, are Will and Kanye going to collaborate on a song? Check out the video to see Will’s answer to that question!


Amanda Young