‘This Is Us’ Season 4 Finale Is Full Of Reveals And Surprises

This Is Us‘ season four finale was full of reveals–and surprises! From three surprise children to one massive brotherly fight, the Pearson family definitely faced a lot of drama.

First, the finale showed Beth, Kate and Kevin were all pretty unhappy with the way Randall convinced Rebecca to do the clinical trial. While Kate didn’t get much of an opportunity to react just yet, Kevin lost his mind on his brother. Kevin saw the situation as Randall convincing Rebecca to take sides with all her children, especially when she clearly didn’t want to do the trial, and Randall knew they’d all regret it if they didn’t do everything they could possibly do, just like how he had regrets of not doing everything he could to save his father.

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That was also the button Kevin kept pushing as he went after Randall, saying that if he were there, he would have saved Jack. Randall stood his ground, telling Kevin he would have to accept the fact that Jack died ashamed of him and is something he would have to live with for the rest of his life. Kevin then told Randall he used to think the worst thing ever to have happened to him was Jack dying, but now he thinks its the day Randall was brought home.

Right before the fight, Kevin had learned some shocking news unrelated to his mom and Randall: Madison is pregnant – and she plans to keep the baby. However, there was also some other news she didn’t share with him before he went out: it’s twins!

Fans also got confirmation that the other twin is a girl when they saw her in the future, along with Kevin’s son, who viewers have already seen. Kevin also said to Madison he’s “all in.”

The episode’s other surprise child came after Kate and Toby took baby Jack back to NICU for his first birthday. As the three were leaving the hospital, they thought about adopting another kid, which explained one of the random strangers appearing in-and-out of the episode.

A young woman named Hailey worked at a museum, and she was busy telling her coworker (also her best friend) that she couldn’t go on a date with him while he teased her about her movie star one night stand when she suddenly had to leave, because her brother Jack Damon’s wife was giving birth. So, Kate and Toby are in the process of adopting a little baby girl!

It was an action-packed season four finale and creator Dan Fogelan said he already has the season five premiere almost ready to go. Of next season’s themes, Fogelman says, “I’m very excited about, especially with where the world is right now, the uplift, and I would call it almost rebirth, that comes next season. Kind of rebirth and a lot of new beginnings, particularly for birth and rebirth would be a big thematic part of next season.”

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