Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Becomes Year’s First Platinum Release

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In an age of “Why would I pay for music, when I can listen to it on Spotify and YouTube for free?” it is nearly unbelievable that an album could reach platinum status.

Leave it to the Welcoming Ambassador of New York City to make industry analysts eat their words. Taylor Swift’s album release, “1989,” went platinum within a week’s time, selling 1.3 million copies. That’s not just platinum. That’s platinum, or nearly three times gold. It’s a serious “Wow!” moment for fluctuating industry. People absolutely love Taylor Swift.

The former country-crossover princess, is now eyeing the throne as the queen of pop. Sure, her stuff is saccharine sweet, and still about ex-boyfriends, but there’s joy in it. It’s a little like eating a grapefruit. Pour enough sugar on the bitter and bite, and you’ve found a wonderful way to start your day.

“1989” features Taylor’s monster single, Shake It Off, as well as Welcome To New York… undoubtedly, every New Yorker’s favorite.  (Or not.)

The most impressive thing about this album may be the op-ed Taylor offered in the Wall Street Journal in July, long before it was released, declaring the validity of cutting albums in the current industry climate. Taylor argued that the album isn’t dead. And she’s right. It’s not even close.

Sadly, most of what’s released are singles and EPs serving as more crap to filter through, trying to get to those artists who have carefully crafted a through-line from opening note to closing sustain.

Regardless of who it is, it’s nice to see someone cracking that level of “more precious than silver and gold.” Should she win the Grammy for Album Of The Year? Nah, that should go to Kimbra for “The Golden Echo,” but again… there are so many Nicki Minaj singles to sift through in order to find the true album treasures.

For more on Taylor’s achievement, check out the video below.


James Sheldon