Taylor Swift Says She Got ‘Shamed’ Into Being Single

Photo by REX

Photo by REX

Taylor Swift has taken over the world at 25 years old as probably the biggest pop star on the planet and while her catchy songs are all over the airwaves, for the longest time she was mostly known as a crazy boy-chaser.

Although her several high-profile relationships have been the inspiration behind some of her biggest hits, Swift is now opening up about how that reputation has affected her.

Covering the June 2015 issue of Glamour UK and acting as Guest Editor, the mega-star revealed that although she knew it would be good for her to be single and focus on herself, friends and family for awhile, she now feels like she has to be single because of the way her relationships are talked about in the media.

“Well, there is no easy way for me to engage in romance. I’m really busy, so I can’t. And it’s a good thing I feel really independent and I feel that my friends are all I need. It’s kind of a sad way I got there, though, being shamed into it.”

When asked what she meant by saying she was “shamed,” the singer explained, “Well, what else is it when you have two boyfriends in one year and everyone’s calling you boy crazy, making jokes about you at awards show? That’s public humiliation. And I don’t think it’s fair.”

While she had in fact been loving life boyfriend-free for quite a while, recent spottings of the star have seen her getting very close with handsome DJ Calvin Harris, but if there is a romance blooming, Swift is keeping tight-lipped about it.

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