Taylor Swift Rushes To Purchase Adult Website Domains

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

Say what? Oh. It’s true. Taylor is beating all the fools to the punch who might try to snag her name as a .porn or .adult domain. Now, it’ll be empty space on the Internet forever. Or maybe pictures of cats. That would be awesome.

You’ve heard about this, right? Servers will begin selling new domains ending in .porn, .adult, .sucks to the first-comers or highest bidders, and many celebrities, as well as big businesses like Microsoft, have enjoyed a sunrise period, where they can get in and get their shopping done first. I’m betting Microsoft.sucks has been gobbled up. Sorry, fine folks at Apple.

Taylor’s people knew some shady fakery would be going down if they didn’t act fast, so they reportedly bought up a few domain names that would keep people from stumbling across a porn site bearing Taylor’s name. We’re not sure how extensive they were in their shopping session. They may have bought up TSwift.porn and stuff like that, too.

So, what’s up with the .sucks domains, you ask? The “idea” is to promote a healthy environment for criticism for big businesses and the likes. For example, Walmart.sucks … which we all know isn’t true–haters gonna hate. We wouldn’t have PeopleOfWalmart.com if we didn’t have Wal-Mart. Still, this seems like a clever money-making ploy by the servers providing the domains.

Obviously, Wal-Mart is going to buy up Walmart.sucks, and McDonald’s is going to buy McDonalds.sucks, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond… they’re all going to buy up those domains; however, if someone beats them to it, there will be some money to be made.

Frankly, this sucks. Enough is enough. Quit extorting people, Internet. Stop encouraging the trolling kingdom. It’s exhausting already.

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James Sheldon