Taylor Swift Donates $15,000 To Firefighter Who Saved His Own Family

Photo by REX

Photo by REX

Photo by REX

Taylor Swift, 25, is a true oddity as a celebrity. Although she just may be one of the most popular star’s in the world, it seems she never lets it go to her head as she always remains thankful, and helpful to her many fans.

Over the years the country star turned mega pop star has done a lot of great things for fans and she may have just done her biggest act of kindness yet.

In early June a firefighter in Texas, Aaron Van Riper, responded to a call of an accident and once there discovered that the victims were his own family. His wife Amber and their son, Jonathan, 7, had been seriously injured in the crash.

Since the Van Riper’s did not have insurance, friends quickly came to their aid by starting up a GoFundMe campaign to help with the extensive medical bills. A few days later they notice a very familiar name and a large donation appear after $15,000 was donated and signed by Taylor Swift.

It seems Swift isn’t looking for accolades for her donation either, not releasing a statement although several reports indicate it was indeed from the singer and earlier on Wednesday, June 10, Swift had favorited Buzzfeed’s Tweet about the story.