Soap Opera Spoilers For Friday, December 2, 2022

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There won’t be any dull moments this week on The Young and the RestlessDays of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful! Find out what will happen with our spoilers for December 2nd, 2022:

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Y&R Spoilers for December 2, 2022

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Victor will give Nick a grim warning. Interestingly, the teaser describes the warning as “fatal”, so we suspect that the Moustache has done his homework on Sally. Could he have uncovered her past in L.A., and specifically the time she faked having a terminal illness?

While Nick is getting a stern talking-to, Adam will apparently cross a significant line. He already pushed his luck when he grabbed Sally’s arm the other day, so let’s hope he doesn’t do anything foolish!

Elsewhere, Tucker will charm Devon. McCall has been out of sight for many years and missed some major moments in his son’s life, so he’ll be eager to make up for lost time. And Devon might just be vulnerable enough to embrace the company.

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DOOL Spoilers for December 2, 2022

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Leo should thank his lucky stars that he has a friend in town when Sonny comes to his rescue. Can we call these two “friends”, or do they have more potential than that?

Misery loves company, so when EJ and Nicole cross paths — both unhappy and indifferent to the consequences — they’ll share some drinks. Nothing bad can come from this, right?

Elsewhere, Chad has been nursing feelings for Stephanie, despite his best intentions. Will the widower feel jealousy when he discovers that she and Alex are getting closer? And will that realization help him move forward?

There’s nothing John and Marlena can’t achieve when they put their heads together. But is there anything the super couple can do about Kristen manipulating Brady?

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GH Spoilers for December 2, 2022

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Too soon, Nikolas! Spencer will dismiss his father’s attempt to rebuild their relationship.

It appears that Dex will also get rebuffed when he presents a proposition to Joss. While she won’t outright reject what he has to say, Ms. Jacks won’t be on board either.

Willow has required a lot of medical advice recently, but today she’ll need medical assistance! Has her illness advanced at an alarming rate?

Meanwhile, Drew will make some progress when it comes to solving a mystery. Is he close to finding Ms. Tait’s birth mother?

In other developments, Sasha and Sam will wind up bonding. What events will push these two together?

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B&B Spoilers for December 2, 2022

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Well, this should be interesting… Brooke and Taylor will face off for the first time since the wedding. How will these two enemies, who were both victims of Thomas’ deception, set the tone? 

Speaking of which, Steffy will make it clear to her brother that he will pay for manipulating their parents’ reunion. Is Steffy alluding to karmic forces in L.A., or is she going to spearhead this effort herself? 

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