Ranked: Least-Liked Soap Opera Couples Of 2020

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Soap opera fans all have their favorite super couples, and then there are the ones that aren’t as well-liked. Whether they don’t seem like a good fit, lack chemistry, have outgrown their relationship, or are schemers paired up with a “good” character, viewers have their reasons why they don’t want to see two people together. Below is an overview of some of the least-liked soap opera couples of 2020.

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12. GH’s Lulu and Dustin

Lulu and Dustin had a nice relationship. Nothing extraordinary about it, but they were both two great characters who got along well, and made a good couple. Why did they make the list? At the end of the day, Dustin wasn’t Dante, and most GH fans wanted to see Lulu and Dante onscreen and reunited.

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11. Y&R’s Amanda and Nate

Much like Lulu and Dustin, there wasn’t anything overly toxic or “wrong” with the Nate and Amanda coupling — they just lacked chemistry. Both are great and interesting characters that just seem better matched with someone else. Nate’s enjoying an interesting romance with Elena right now, and Amanda is bonding with Devon. Will Amanda and Devon become something more? Hard to say; however, she was just not the right fit with Nate.

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10. Days’ Sarah and Xander

There’s something that holds Sarah and Xander back from being a solid Salem super couple. As it stands, their storyline around plotting to get back at Philip was okay, and sneaking around “pretending” to be broken up was alright; however, they just lack chemistry. Maybe it’s time to call it quits between these two?

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9. GH’s Laura and Kevin

Simply put, Laura and Kevin seem more like roommates and friends than a newly married couple. Both are intriguing characters that are fascinating to watch, but there is no “magic” or “spark” between them. Was there ever really any? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why Kevin is paired up with Laura at this point and not Lucy Coe.

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8. GH’s Nina and Jax

When Nina and Jax first hooked up, there seemed to be an explosion of sparks all over Port Charles. With that said, things have fizzled incredibly over the past few months. Mix that in with the fact that Jax is hiding the truth about Nelle from Nina, and this couple is headed down a bad path in 2021.

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7. GH’s Nelle and Julian

Were these two ever a couple? No funny business went on, but a ton of blackmail and scheming. It was a romance that was strictly on paper, and while Willow and Michael had the same thing going, their romance had a very different outcome. Regardless, their marriage was a sham, and so was the idea of bringing these two together in any capacity. 

6. Days’ Claire and Charlie

Who knew things would get so dark so fast with Charlie? Well, many viewers had an inkling, but it’s still hard not to feel sorry for poor Claire Brady. She lost her cousin Ciara just as the two made amends, and she’s worked so hard to turn her life around. Maybe she’ll be luckier in love come 2021?

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5. GH’s Ava and Nikolas

Much like some of the others on this list, Nik and Ava started strong. They had sparks, then they hated each other, and their love of money ended up bringing them together. Sure, it was a “paper” marriage (GH loved that theme in 2020), but somehow along with the fighting and manipulation, the two fell in love. Now what? Ava and Nik need to keep the momentum going, as they seem to be fizzling onscreen.

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4. Y&R’s Chelsea and Adam

Mix Adam’s scheming and Chelsea’s enabling, and this once stellar super couple went downhill (and fast) in 2020. At what point does Lawson grow a backbone and tell Adam to shove it? Well, she can’t now because of her medical condition, but she had plenty of opportunities last year and refrained from doing so. Chadam hitting the least-liked couple list is disappointing since they did share an incredible love story, but Newman’s spiral into selfishness hit an all-time high in 2020, and Chelsea’s inability to stand her ground was a sad sight to see.

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3. GH’s Sam and Jason

Team JaSam could strongly disagree with this; however, this couple has lost its chemistry and needs some sort of revamping. Time apart might do them well at this point. Since their reunion, so-called “obstacles” have kept them apart, but these storylines have been lame and weak. Perhaps new romances for both characters might do their relationship some good in the long run. They could come back together stronger than ever after a bit of a break.

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2. Days’ Kayla and Justin

Again, two great characters, just the wrong love story! Days’ fans were taken aback in late 2019 when the time-jump storyline revealed that Kayla was with Justin, and it was hard for many viewers to digest. After all, they were friends and brother- and sister-in-law! It was a stunning revelation for viewers and added a plot twist in everything, but viewers knew it was a short-term romance.

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1. GH’s Maxie and Peter

Maxie and Peter would make an amazing super couple … if Peter weren’t such a liar and manipulator! It feels like forever waiting for this couple to break up (because it has been); however, 2021 could mark the year fans finally see Peter’s lies come out, and Maxie leaving him for good.

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