Savannah Guthrie Talks Awkward Gosselin Twins Interview

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What happened with those Gosselin twins?

The Today Show interviewer Savannah Guthrie has broken the silence about her now-infamous awkward interview with Kate Gosselin’s twin daughters Mady and Cara, in which they clammed up and refused to answer questions about how their family is doing post-reality show.

Appearing on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Savannah discussed about the failed interview with Andy Cohen.

“You killed that interview,” Andy said.

“You mean ‘killed it’ by no one talked?” Savannah asked with a laugh.

But Andy maintained that Savannah handled the awkwardness well.

“I was really surprised when they didn’t say too much,” she explained. “I felt bad for them.” She continued: “I was honestly just thinking, ‘is this crazy? Is this as crazy as it feels inside? Does it look as crazy?’ And then I checked my Twitter feed, and I knew it was crazy.”

Watch the video to see the rest of Savannah’s behind-the-scenes insight about the teens – including what she says when Andy asks if she thinks the interview was Kate Gosselin’s most unlikable moment ever.

Viewers have criticized the girls’  mom (who unhelpfully told them, “use your words,” when they wouldn’t speak) for being cold rather than sympathetic. What do you think?


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