Report: Is Michael Damian Returning To The Young And The Restless? 

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Could Michael Damian be preparing to reprise the iconic role of Danny Romalotti on The Young and the Restless (Y&R)? Thanks to a cryptic social media post from co-star Michelle Stafford, it looks very likely!

Just after midnight on Wednesday, November 2nd, Stafford (who plays Phyllis) posted a screen-shot of a text conversation to Instagram. “Hmmm… who could this be?” the actress wrote in the caption.

The conversation excerpt, which can be viewed below, reads as follows:

“Dearest Michelle, hoping all is wonderful with you and the family!” the unidentified texter wrote. “So thrilled to see you soon and work with you again!” 

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Stafford replied, “Me too!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!”

Many followers instinctively thought of Michael Graziadei, who has already been confirmed to return as Stafford’s onscreen son, Daniel. However, the actress was quick to rebuff that guess.

So, could Daniel’s father, Danny Romalotti, be returning to Y&R? A few clues suggest that the mysterious texter is none other than Michael Damian!

First of all, the texter shares several traits with Damian’s own Instagram habits. Both writers tend to use a lot of emojis to complete their sentences, and both address their recipients with “Dearest”. 

Secondly, it makes perfect sense that during Y&R’s 50th anniversary season, in which many iconic characters are set to return to the canvas, Danny Romalotti would be in the mix. 

So does this guesswork conclude without a shadow of a doubt that Michael Damian is returning to Y&R? No. But if Stafford’s cryptic Instagram post is anything like her previous ones concerning co-stars Mishael Morgan or Hunter King, she wants fans to learn the truth!

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